15 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

15 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight GainIn winter everyone usually gets a few pounds. One less, the other more. In the spring, everyone goes on a diet and cries over spilled milk with a view to the holiday silhouette. Why if you can easily avoid this condition? If you want to keep your current figure or lose weight this winter, use the following tips. You will not be disappointed.

1. Eat regularly. Thanks to this you are able to feel physical hunger in a correct way and do not confuse it with emotional hunger (eating under the influence of emotions – stress, joy, boredom, disappointment) or cravings. Emotional hunger and cravings make you usually eat more than you need. Only 150 kcal of extra kilo calories during the day throughout the winter can lead to 5.5 lb. 150 kcal it can be a big banana, 1 small bar, 2 cereal biscuits, 3 teas with juice and sweetened with honey. Little, and yet …

2. Eat nutritious soups. The ones that are based mainly on vegetables themselves. Warming carrot creams with ginger and orange, pumpkin sauce with the addition of coconut milk, vegetables with the addition of lentils. They usually affect a high satiety with relatively low energy. And what is the most important – they warm up our cold noses and cheeks.

3. Go out into the air. Every walk, even a short 10-minute is important. Oxygenate the body, stimulate circulation, relax and exercise a strong will that allows you to resist eating temptation. As you can see … sometimes things seemingly not connected to each other affect others. Then, go for walks! Necessarily. Daily!

4. Do not buy junk food. Remove unhealthy food on store shelves. Their place there. Remember that from the eyes it is from the heart and usually (especially in winter) if we do not have high-calorie snacks in the home in the form of sweets, chips, crackers, cookies or nuts, we are too lazy to not go to the store.  For the benefit of our body and wallet.

5. Watch out for alcohol. Put on a reasonable amount and a reasonable frequency of drinking on the occasion, paying attention not to eat too much snack at the mulled wine.

6. Find yourself a satisfying job. Why? We eat of boredom. In the winter, usually every member of the family walks up to the refrigerator several times (preferably in the evenings :), opens it, looks, views the contents and closes. And usually something eats. And this is the unwanted emotional hunger. Finding yourself something you will do in your free time, and what you enjoy, you avoid boredom. And that’s it.

7. Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes a day. In front of the TV, computer, dancing while cooking. Move. It will be sensational if you choose a sport or home fitness for yourself, but playing with a child is also recommended. Look for the possibilities to start bone. Daily.

8. Avoid big hunger. Regardless of whether you are going shopping or for a party, always eat something nutritious beforehand. Otherwise, buy what you should not have and eat what you did not want, and drink more than you intended. Hunger increases the desire to eat almost everything at hand.  Anger, disappointment and a lot of extra, unnecessary kilo calories that can quickly turn into unwanted fat on the stomach.

9. Continue to eat the vegetables. You do not have to invent anything extraordinary and worry that you eat less fresh vegetables.

10. Relax. Rest. Try to reduce the amount of stress. Remember that cortisol (stress hormone) affects the accumulation of fat in fat cells. Whether winter or summer take care of your inner peace.

11. Turn off the computer / TV. Do not keep sitting in front of them. Return to points 3 and 7, so move.

12. Spend yourself. Sleep reduces the amount of cortisol or …? You do not accumulate as much body fat.

13. Eat carefully. Winter is Christmas, winter is New Year’s Eve. You can celebrate and have fun without binge eating. Choose small portions of each of the dishes, cakes that you want to try. Do not be petrified with the promise that you will not take this lip. Taste it, but in reasonable quantities, and then? Practice or go for a walk.

14. Try summer clothes once a week. It may seem absurd, because we exchange the contents of the cabinets for the winter, but … leave some pants, skirt, dress, top and try on weekly. Check if they are still the same, or are they tight? It is a sign that you are fat. React before it’s too late!

15. Weigh. Yes. At least once a week if you do not use point 14. Checking the numbers still gives a reflection of the situation. Well, unless you train intensely strength and build muscle mass.

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