5 Simple Steps To Attract Money Into Your Life

5 Simple Steps To Attract Money Into Your LifeMoney in our world lives by its own laws, knowledge of which helps to attract them to themselves, which is very important, especially in our crisis time.

First feed yourself

The first law of money sounds like this: first feed yourself. This means that the money that you attracted into the world, you invest in yourself – your food, clothes, shelter, pleasure and entertainment. If you are their only consumer, then first of all invest in what is especially important for you now. For example, you live in your apartment, so you can wait for a fee for utilities, but you need to buy yourself a new coat or go to a beauty salon – you need to spend ten percent of your total income on these things so important to you.

Always have a stabilization fund

The second law of money: always have a stabilization fund or, more simply, a stock – it will help you out when the worst times in the material sense come, therefore, knowing that you have it, you will feel safe.

Money should work

The third law: money must work. If your savings lie in a stocking or under a mattress and do not work, the cash flow will first stop, and then start to decrease. Money should be invested in something – for example, in share or deposits. But you need to invest money only in those industries or areas in which you understand. Never invest them in an enterprise just because someone advised you to do so, assuring that it is very profitable. Do not trust the fate of your money to anyone, even friends, relatives. It’s like getting married by correspondence – for a man you’ve never seen, just told you that the groom is very beautiful and you will certainly like it.

Control money

The fourth law says: if you do not control your money, you do not control anything. For example, at the end of the month, summing up, you find that you spent on all your pleasures, say, 1000 dolars. Look at what they left you – you have everything written down! In a cafe with girlfriends a couple of times we sat, but at the sale just a little bit bought: two pullovers, three skirts, a nice blouse and a nice robe, but wear one pullover and one skirt at the same time, and everything else is dusted in the closet without any work. Summarize all the expenses and divide them into two claimed items: it turns out that you bought them twice as much, and, therefore, you have overpaid for what you could buy cheaply.

Money goes to the best

Fifth law: money goes to the best. Money is a very feminine energy, and as a woman always seeks a man from whom a strong and viable offspring can give birth, so money always goes to the best. If you can say that you are the best of its kind, without finance you will not remain. For example, if you are sitting at home and are bringing up children, then what are you the best? Perhaps you are more beautiful and well-groomed than others? Or created a cozy atmosphere in the house? Or maybe it’s interesting to communicate with you? Or are you the best specialist in your field, and money comes to you through work? Think, will you remember if you need to rank out the top ten people in this profession? And if it is limited to five candidates? And if you need to call one and only – the best! – Specialist? It does not matter if you are narrow or broad, if you are the best, all the money will be yours.

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