How to Write Product Descriptions That Will Boost Conversions

How to Write Product Descriptions That Will Boost ConversionsOften, it is a well-written description of the product pushes users to buy. How to make it perfect? What should I tell first of all? Which format is better to use? How much information is the most optimal?

It is important to present your product so that the user immediately sees its advantages over similar products of competitors.

A user who searches for a product intuitively presents it already in action. Therefore, descriptions should be as accurate as possible, but at the same time capacious. Too detailed and long text no one will want to read.

There is a simple template that will help create an ideal description. It is necessary to give users answers to the main questions.

For whom is the product calculated. Describe your target audience. Indicate gender, age, profession, sphere of interest, membership in a social group, hobby.

Main characteristics of the goods. Be sure to include dimensions, materials, features, properties, color, etc.

Where to use. Tell the users where to use your product better – in the street, in the office, on vacation in hot countries, in the country, in transport.

When to use. For a complete understanding, tell us exactly which situations to use your product. Perhaps it is suitable for a certain time of day or season. For example, car covers with heating – for a comfortable ride in the winter.

Benefits. What is your product better than the goods of competitors? The price, design, ease of use?

How to apply. Immediately explain to the user what problems your product will help to solve and which ones do not. So you will warn him in advance of the misuse of the goods.

The correct description format

Visitors to the site will not carefully read the text, they will quickly scan it. That is why it is important to highlight the main points to which you want to draw attention. To do this, you can use:

  • list of characteristics
  • in bold, italics, or color
  • sub-headings
  • graphic symbols – exclamation marks, question marks, check marks

But you need to know the measure. Choose one. If your text will be variegated with different fonts, all the colors of the rainbow and different types of underscore, this will likely cause a negative reaction among users.

What will you receive after working on the description of the goods?

Increase conversion. The product description will answer all questions and objections of the user.

Reducing the number of abandoned baskets. The user will not go to competitors in search of more detailed information about the product.

Reducing the number of returns of goods. The main reason for refunds is the non-compliance of the goods with the characteristics stated in the description. This is due to the fact that often the description contains too general information. For example, a body simulator. It is clear that it helps to maintain the form, but it is unclear to whom this particular simulator is suitable – for beginners, for those who have long been involved in sports or for people of age.

Reduce the burden on managers. If the user receives all the necessary information on the site, he will not need to call the manager again, he will immediately make an order.

Improved ranking. You make up your own unique product descriptions.

Recommendations for writing a description

Brevity and structure

The user will not learn a huge sheet of text. All the main advantages of the product should be collected in the first paragraph.

Technical characteristics and properties can be put on the lists.

Special warranty terms, promotions and other important information can be placed in separate cuts.

Graphical symbols

For certain categories of goods, a number of properties can be excluded from the text and added as graphic symbols. This will simplify the perception of the text and make it more unique.

Product Images

Everyone knows that it is better to see once, so show your users your products in all angles. This will be an additional confirmation that in reality the goods are as good as in the description.

Keywords in description

Users do not like unreadable texts written for search engines. Over-optimized texts lower conversion, consumer confidence and sales. They just do not read.

Keywords should be used in descriptions, but it should look natural. Search engines determine that the text is relevant to the query, even if the words of the text are rearranged or have a different wordform, so first of all you need to pay attention to the readability of the text.

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