In the Christmas Mood

In the Christmas MoodThe closer the holiday, the more complaints about fatigue the lack of positive emotions. We know how to fix this.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Probably, many have heard the saying: that something new should come to your life, get rid of the old one. Set a goal, for example, on one of the days off to go over the wardrobe and tune in to what you can throw away at last what you wanted to part with, but did not dare. So you are tuning in to changes in your life.

Create a festive mood for others

The joy that you deliver to other people will return to you. You can find different virtual cards on the Internet. Sign them and send them. You will see how your mood will improve after you receive a response. By the way, you can remember the traditional method – send postcards by mail. The choice of the New Year’s greeting cards is also a great way to recharge your mood.

Make the house bright

Christmas tree, candles, garlands, Christmas toys – all this will make a note of the holiday in your mood. When you open a box with old toys, then remember how together with the parents they dressed up the tree and thought about the upcoming miracles. Also, psychologists recommend to make the lighting in the apartment brighter, so the flashing garlands will be just in the topic. Hang them along windows or walls.

Decorate the office

Psychologists recommend putting a small Christmas tree on the table of each employee. Looking at her, he will remember the pleasant moments connected with the holiday.

Think about music and aromatherapy

On the eve of the holiday, prepare a selection of New Year tracks that will create the right mood. Feel the approach of the New Year will help and traditional smells – the flavors of needles and mandarins. It is enough to buy aromatic candles with the smells of citrus, spruce needles and cinnamon. A relaxing bath with citrus oils will also improve your overall well-being.

Take life easier

Do not worry about trifles. Often it happens that we can not even remember tomorrow that we are so worried today, tomorrow. Take care of your nervous system. Rejoice even in small achievements and small achievements.

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