Change Your Life in an Hour a Day

Change Your Life in an Hour a DayIt seems a bit. But an hour a day is able to completely change your life.

In 24 hours and in good schedule 8 we sleep, 8 work, and the rest of our time is free. In fact, of course, it’s not that difficult and sometimes it’s difficult to make at least one hour for yourself. But this must be done and that’s why.

20 new habits

The habit is formed in 21 days, that is, if every 21 days you will do something new and only for yourself, in just one year you will form almost 20 new useful and necessary habits for you.

Personal life

Interestingly, people who have their own lives, hobbies, are happier in their personal lives: they are interesting to new acquaintances, do not dissolve in their loved ones, they are authorities for children, they are afraid of throwing, because back to return it will not work – a fully developed person who cares about yourself, someone will love someone right now.

Problem solving

Time seems to be a little time. But often, we do not give ourselves even so much.

You will soon notice that solved all the accumulated problems that concern you: defined long-term goals, disassembled the wardrobe, tightened, learned to draw. The hour is not so much, it’s worth trying to spend it on yourself to understand that it’s not so small.


An hour a day is enough to learn a new profession, learn a language, in short, learn something new and become a completely different person. Choosing for you. The main thing is to give only one hour per day to yourself and only to yourself.

Picture Credit: Ross Findon

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