To Improve Your Life, Improve Yourself

To Improve Your Life, Improve YourselfUnfortunately, there is no definite recipe for creating a perfect personality. Life is not a cookbook, but there are some criteria for personal growth and knowledge of one’s own “I”. Remember the five life hacks are quite easy, and, adhering to at least a few of them, you will receive a special inspiration. Find for yourself ideas, thoughts, strokes, relying on which, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. So, let’s begin.

Personal growth or how to improve yourself regularly

1. Accept yourself
Tell me, is it trite? Of course, you do not need to finish the faculty of “Psychology” to give a man such a sensational advice: “Accept yourself as you are.” But only the units really get to love their “I” and gain inner harmony.
Every time you again succumb to self-criticism, think, whose voice is inside? If this is not your own dissatisfaction, and the comments of relatives, friends or colleagues – chase a chaotic voice away.

2. Only forward – continuous personal development!
The second council unquestionably follows from the first. In order not to hear criticism from others, and to become an example for them and convince ill-wishers in their wrong – strive for continuous growth.

Understand that personal development is not only reading books and training. It is important every day to try something new, do not be afraid to change your mind and surprise yourself.

3. Learn to focus on yourself
Do not exchange your own strength, time and nerves for mindless occupation or opinion of people unpleasant to you. When talking, walking or at dinner, focus on your posture, pace of speech, hand position, emotions. Think, what thoughts are now spinning in my head? Psychologists and analysts say that this process will take no more than five seconds, and you will get enough information about your internal state. Realizing their desires and mood, to conduct a dialogue or to focus on a certain matter will be much easier.

In addition, concentration on one’s condition helps to realize happiness, prevent panic attack, attack of fear or anxiety, and also lead an honest dialogue with the interlocutor.

4. Find time for yourself
It’s not about traditional entertainment, gluttony, drinking alcohol and walking with friends. And not even about useful trips to the gym and travel. Do not be afraid to be alone with yourself at least an hour or two per day, looking at the ceiling before going to bed or waking up on a sunny morning. It is not ruled out that cockroaches will crawl out of all the cracks and many unresolved issues.

Your task is not to run away, get acquainted and consider them. So you will learn to negotiate with yourself, not be afraid of difficulties and manage your own emotions.

5. Appreciate your loved ones
Often, relatives give us advice or enter into bewilderment with typical phrases: “How, have not you married, divorced, changed your job, bald, lost weight …?”, Continuing this list ad infinitum. Many lack sensitivity, but, if you think about it, our parents, grandparents – people of those times – are thus showing interest and concern. Do not take such topics to your account. Perhaps for a person this is really important and so he wants to protect you from rash actions.

Close people are energy that you can not escape from anywhere. The only solution is not to forget about relatives, to draw positive from communication, because only here you will find sincere love and care, which is so lacking in the modern world.

As you can see, if you already know that the development of personal growth entails positive changes, then use our lifhaki and are in harmony with the world, develop yourself, enjoy life and improve your self.

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