Hair Loss Myths: Are These 5 Common Hair Beliefs True Or False?

Hair Loss Myths: Are These 5 Common Hair Beliefs True Or False?With baldness, more than 85% of men over 50 and about 40% of women face this or that degree. Loss of hair causes people a lot of suffering – most of them are associated with psychological discomfort, which is more often experienced by women than men.

Why do hair fall out, is it possible to cope with baldness or avoid it? We collected some popular misconceptions about alopecia and figured out where the truth is.

Can not cope with hair loss
Not certainly in that way. Effective, suitable for all means, helping to cope with hair loss, has not yet been invented, but some anti-alopecia drugs from the market are really working. In addition, there is also non-drug treatment of alopecia, for example, hair transplantation.

However, we note that the ideal tool has not yet been found. A popular finasteride drug, which is prescribed by doctors from different countries, can cause serious problems with potency. It is reported that men who took the medicine, developed problems with erection, and they persisted even after the treatment was stopped.

Hair falls out due to frequent washing of the head
No. Every day, we lose up to 100 hairs – this is a normal process, to pay attention to which many begin only when the scale of loss is greatly increased, and in the place of falling hair does not appear new.

It may seem that during hair washing hair is lost much more than on other days. This is due to the fact that water, shampoo and thorough washing, allows you to “extract” dead hair that has already separated from the hair follicles. The very process of washing hair loss does not influence and strengthen it is incapable.

Alopecia is transmitted from fathers to children
Not always. For loss of hair is responsible not one, but several genes. This means that alopecia will occur in the person who will bear the combination of several alleles responsible for hair loss.

In addition, hair loss can be triggered by a number of external factors: severe stress, the intake of certain drugs, diet, the development of certain diseases (for example, syphilis).

However, if we are talking about men, the hereditary factor in the onset of alopecia plays the leading role. Every fifth balding man has an older relative with the same problem.

Hair falls out from the constant wearing of hats or wigs
No. There is an opinion that the constant friction or pressure associated with wearing hats, hats or wigs on the head, can adversely affect the hair follicles, damaging them. However, no confirmation of this fact was received.

Alopecia – a problem of the elderly
No. Despite the fact that most people do face hair loss after 50 years, about 25% of men start to lose hair soon after 20 years. Scientists have for such people not the most pleasant news: they argue that earlier hair loss is a sign of a more severe form of the disease.

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