Peeping into the Glistening Waters of India’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Owing to the varied and geographically pretty scene that India has, we see various relief systems working altogether. Lakes here, whether naturally framed, or man made, are to a great degree lovely, quiet and peaceful, which have been given significance from the time of our epics. India is blessed with an extensive number of lakes, and every one of them oozes a perfection that must be comprehended when you go close to them. Well, it’s time now!

Here is a short enumeration of some of India’s most enchanting lakes, that are not just surreal to look at, but also lend an altogether different, tranquil vibe to the entire region they are situated in. All the nature lovers and solo travellers, mark this list.


Dal Lake

If we are talking about lakes in India, the mention of Dal Lake is inevitable. The Kashmir valley is honored with intriguing natural beauty with landscapes and water bodies, out of which, one is Dal Lake, situated in Srinagar. Dal Lake is one of the most stunning water bodies in India, and is the second biggest in the J&K valley. It is a prized possession and represents the Kashmir tourism industry. Apart from the natural allure, other Dal Lake attractions are the floating markets, brilliant shikaras and houseboats. So when you take a Jammu to Srinagar taxi, make sure you start your trip to Srinagar with a visit to this lake.

Prashar Lake

At the very first sight, Prashar Lake gives off an impression of being a blue mirror settled into the lavish green spread around it. With a respectable measure of mystery connected to it, the lake is said to have an undetermined profundity, furthermore, an island drifting amidst it. Almost 50 km far from the town of Mandi, Prashar is a tolerably well known tourist spot, yet a standout amongst the most excellent lakes in India. Right beside it, is a pagoda like sanctuary dedicated to Sage Parashar, worth the pit stop.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the most stunning lakes on the planet. This freshwater lake is found upper east of the Kangchenjunga range in Sikkim. Sikkim is considered to have the most wonderful natural lakes in the world, some of which are hallowed by local people and along these lines are spots of worship and also tourism. There are a number of spellbinding lakes in Sikkim, but the Gurudongmar Lake stands among them

Pichola Lake

Pichola lake is the crowning glory of the Royal city of Udaipur. Watching the sunset from the dock, or taking a boat ride around the lake are some of the magical experiences that you can take here. No big surprise, Udaipur has been named as a standout amongst the most romantic destinations in India. The lake has four islands on it– Arsi Vilas, which is a bird sanctuary, the Jag Mandir, Jag Niwas and the Mohan Mandir, from where the King saw the Gangaur celebration. Dusk is the best time to visit this spot for a stunning view of the quiet surroundings that it brings to the table.

Pangong Lake
Pangong Tso

A standout amongst the most sought after road trip on anybody’s rundown is one to Leh and Ladakh, and a must-visit spot here, once you get to the most remotely found heavens there, is the Pangong Tso. Unquestionably the most prominent, and a standout amongst the most excellent lakes in India, this salt water lake, situated at a stature of around 4000 meters makes a striking differentiation against the white sand, and seems to change hues when seen from various edges in the daylight and through different hours of the day.

All these lakes literally have an enchanting aura around them, and a visit to these can be one sweet, romantic experience one can cherish for life. So make all your prior arrangements, be it train tickets, cab booking, lodging, etc., carry good sunscreens, and of course, do not forget to click pictures. Have fun!

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