The Variety of Induction Cooktops by Kuppersbusch

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If you’re in the market remodeling your kitchen, you might find the addition of an induction cooktop to be appealing. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and very convenient. Plus, they’re safer than standard cooktops and provide for quicker and more accurate heating.

Truly, that’s the biggest benefit of these cooking surfaces: they’re more accurate than any other cooktop. You can set it to any temperature and it will heat up exactly to that temperature almost instantly. Nothing else can accomplish this. Kuppersbusch is a fine brand that offers many of these products. They’re known worldwide for their high quality and reliability.

Another great feature of induction cooktops is pan detection. This feature means that you can set a pan down on the surface at it will automatically detect where the pan is and how large it is. It will only heat this space, so a ton of energy is saved and it’s much safer than an open burner powered by electricity or gas. As soon as the pan is removed, the surface cools down, which means it’s great for those with kids and pets.

Kuppersbusch offers many varieties for those interested in these kinds of appliances, so you’re certain to find something that fits within your kitchen’s space and decorative theme. It’s a combination of form and function, the best of both worlds. Namely, you can find these versatile options within the MATRIX collection, which makes it super easy to combine features to create a custom induction cooktop to suit your needs specifically. Choose for varieties that allow you to stir-fry or boil your favorite foods. You can opt for a glass-ceramic griddle to further expand your options.

You’re essentially building a cooking surface from the ground up. Choose from three of the aforementioned cooking surfaces, which each measure 12-inches and add on additional components as well. You can add an induction wok if you like or even cooking surfaces that measure 24-inches or 32-inches. It all depends on your preferences and what kind of cooking you anticipate doing in your kitchen.

Regardless, you should know that Kuppersbusch has a wide selection available and you’re certain to find something that suits your preferences no matter what you need. Just be certain you’ve taken good measurements of your counter space in your kitchen and that you have the right hookups. Other than that, you should be ready for an induction cooktop!


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