Is Jumping Rope The Best Fat Burning Exercise Ever?

Is Jumping Rope The Best Fat Burning Exercise Ever?Do not have time for the gym? To drop excess calories you will help a simple shell – skipping rope.
Skipping rope – a unique shell, with which you can burn a large number of calories, increase stamina and jumping. The skipping rope can replace the simulator and even some workouts, such as running, swimming and playing tennis. Even with a minimal amount of time for the rope, you can get the same effect as playing a two-hour game of tennis or running for a decent distance. After all, the rope is not only jumps, but also exercises that increase stretching, flexibility, the amplitude of movements.

How to choose a rope

There are different types of rope: rope, rubber, with handles and with meters. Regardless of which rope you choose, it should be comfortable for you in weight and length. The length of the rope can be selected as follows: take the rope by both handles; stand with two legs in the middle of the rope; Both ends of the rope stretch along the sides of the trunk, while the handles should reach the level of the chest. If the rope is longer, it can be cut or wrapped around each end along the hands.

Who should not jump with a rope

As with other sports activities, there are contraindications and limitations. You can not jump rope to pregnant women, there are restrictions for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and people with body weight exceeding the norm. Restrictions mean that these people need a special approach and a proportionate reduction in the loads.

Where to begin

In jumps with a rope, not only gastrocnemius muscles participate, but also other muscles of the legs, muscles of the hands, back and abdomen. Therefore before classes it is necessary to warm up:

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms with a rope folded four times, lowered in front of him. Raise your arms and make a deflection backwards. When your arms are over your head, tilt your head and look at your hands. This exercise should be done 6-8 times.

Legs on the width of the shoulders, a rope folded twice, lies on the shoulders. Perform the turns of the trunk to the right and left, while diverting respectively the right hand, then the left hand.

Feet together. Rise to the half-toes, tearing off the heels. After completing 6-8 times, raise the feet, remaining standing on the heels. Perform this exercise also 6-8 times, then alternately each leg is then on your fingers, then on your heels.

Do squats, lifting outstretched hands with a rope folded in half, to the level of the chest.

Basic Exercises

When jumping, you should properly tear your legs off the floor. First, the heel is raised, then the pads of the feet, after which the fingers come off the floor. We return the feet to the floor in the reverse order.

To begin with, at a calm pace, do 20-30 jumps with two feet, then regain your breath. Do 2-3 more approaches.

You can diversify the training by such jumps:

  • from foot to foot. Alternately, jump on each leg, as if you are running through the rope. In doing so, you can jump, then raise your knees, then take them back;
  • jumping first on one leg, then on the other;
  • jumping with a turn of the trunk. First jump, turning the body 45 degrees to the left and right, then with a torso turning 90 degrees;
  • jumping with crossing hands;
  • jumping in the squat;
  • jumping with a scroll skipping 2 times. After jumping, try to scroll the rope more than once, and two.

All these jumps can be done by tossing the rope back.

For morning exercises with a rope it is enough to spend time from 10 minutes. Start with jumping on two legs and alternately. Do not change the movement for several days. Then you can enter other jumps into the training.

After jumping – stretching

After you jump with the rope, you must stretch the muscles that were involved in the process. First of all, these are calves and the front side of the thigh.

Caviar. Pull your leg back. Leave the foot from the front of the standing leg to the width of the step. The toes are pointed forward. Feed all the weight forward and loosen the pressure on the heel of the backward leg, feel the stretching of the gastrocnemius muscle. Hold the pose for 6-8 seconds. Perform the exercise by changing the position of the legs.

Hips. Hold on to the wall or behind the back of the chair with one hand, with the other hand grasp the ankle and press it to the buttock. The supporting leg should not be tense, keep your knees closed. Hold the pose for 6-8 seconds. Perform the exercise by changing the position of the legs.

Arms. In order to stretch the muscles of the arms, perform the “skipping rope”. Fold the skipping rope in half, grasp the ends of the rope, hands in front of you. Scroll straight hands up and back, and then in the opposite direction. Over time, reduce the distance between hands.

Abdominal muscles. Holding both hands at the ends of the rope, folded four times, raise your hands above your head. Do the slopes to the right and left. Keep your hands in front of your chest, turn your body to the left and right.

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