How to Eat and Train for Your Body Type

How to Eat and Train for Your Body TypeTypes of shapes: what to eat and how to train?

As you probably know, female figures are divided into different types. Basically, these differences are due to genetics (the structure and development of bones, fat and muscle mass), but also depend on lifestyle, diet and physical activity.

If you know your type, it is much easier for you to keep yourself in shape. Of course, if you take into account the features of diet, exercise and exercise.

Let’s Decide What Is Your Body Type

Apple – this type of figure characterizes the “heavy” upper, abdomen and broad shoulders. Extra fat accumulates on the back, hands look more massive. The abdomen and side grow very quickly.

The advantages of this type are lush chest and slender legs.

What to eat?  For the type of “apple” figure, the most important thing is food! As soon as sweets, cookies, excess nuts (especially peanuts), alcohol, sweet water and juices, white bread, fatty food, “apples” grow, as on yeast! And the pumping of the press here, unfortunately, will not help.

Focus on fresh fish, bird, eggs, greens (dill, spinach, salad, rucola), vegetables (except potatoes), porridge from raw groats, rice (only cashew). Seasonings are obligatory, fresh chili peppermint will fit perfectly. Give up a lot of dairy products. Drink no more than 1 cup of kefir or yogurt per day, and in the first half of the day. Exclude milk from the store completely, cottage cheese per day (maximum 3 times a week). And, please, no baking! Carbohydrates in your diet should be only the best quality and, most importantly, at the right time.

Try to exclude coffee with milk. He makes you more with each cup! Choose herbal teas and be sure to drink your water rate per day. Your emphasis should be on healthy eating. The workouts will give you only an auxiliary effect and will help to “sharpen” the figure to the ideal. And remember – no food after 19: 30-20: 00. For you this is the basic rule!

What to consider? This type of physique must necessarily monitor the health of the cardiovascular system, as well as the percentage of body fat. Special scales that consider the percentage of fat and muscle mass to help you. The amount of fat in the body is more important than the total weight. The norm for women is about 25% fat. Remember that fat on the internal organs is not the most useful thing in the world, and if your abdomen is already large, then your liver, the heart “swim” in fat.

How to train? You will be ideally suited for dancing, which will become an aerobic exercise and involve the muscles of the abdomen and of the whole body. Also, 3 times a week, actively walking the minimum time!

Exercise on the press to perform one day after the main load on all muscles of the body. Different kinds of laths are preferred.

Pear is a type of figure, whose owners are very easy to recover in the hips, and then it is difficult to lose weight. They have narrow shoulders, thin hands, beautiful elegant chest and so-called “heavy bottom” – full buttocks and legs, thick knees and often massive caviar. All overweight is postponed just below.

What to eat?  For this type it is very important to monitor the composition of the diet. Any canned food, nutritional supplements, preservatives, fast foods, smoked foods, confectionery fat and dyes go straight to the thighs and buttocks and seal them there. But to get these harmful things from yourself is very difficult!

The emphasis in diet is on diet (low-fat) meat, sour-milk products of medium fat, seafood, fish. Half of your diet should consist of vegetables, berries and fruits (but not more than 2 pcs per day), lentils, basmati rice, and pasta from hard varieties – until 17:00. Eat carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch, but do dinner protein.

Drink plenty of liquid: warm water, herbal tea, coffee (only cereal and no milk and sugar).

What to consider? Massages, self-massage and rubbing are very well shown – they will help activate blood circulation, circulation of the lymph, improve skin tone and hips. Also pay attention to Sharko’s shower (do at least 10 sessions).

How to train? You are shown a lot of cardio-loads. Also, 2-3 times a week, it is necessary to study legs and buttocks, doing a large number of repetitions in 3-4 approaches. Stretch qualitatively after each workout, pay special attention to the lower part of the body. An undisclosed “clogged” pelvis leads to a poor outflow of fluid from the legs and, as a consequence, to swelling, a buildup of fat on the hips and cellulite. If you have a bad blood flow to your hips, then you will have to spend a lot of hours, days, months and years in torment and in the fight against cellulite, as well as in the unfulfilled dreams of slender legs.

Banana is a slim figure, for which there is virtually no problem of excess weight. This figure is often found in models. The thighs and shoulders are usually almost the same volume, the waist is poorly drawn, the buttocks are flat, the legs are slender. A girl of this type often wants to give her figure femininity and seductive curves, and if they still recover, the fat is evenly distributed on the back, abdomen, lower back and upper thighs.

What to eat? There are practically no special restrictions for this type of figure. It is important to follow the basic rules of healthy eating, not to overeat and not get involved in harmful food!

You can have all kinds of nuts, useful oils, quality meat, fish and seafood, cheeses (ideal Adyghe and Mozzarella, Feta), dairy and sour-milk products (organic and not long storage), correct carbohydrates. You can drink not only water and tea, but also freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits. But be careful – products that can disrupt your metabolism should be avoided! Therefore, sugar, sausages, smoked products, factory sweets and alcohol is excluded from their diet. If you still gain excess weight and want to lose weight, just start to lead a more active lifestyle and distribute evenly meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1-2 snacks.

Training: to give the body more femininity and to show the waist, work with additional weights (dumbbells, TRX, fitball, gym). Perform all exercises slowly, with maximum concentration on the working muscles. Do 4-5 approaches 10-12 times. Finish the workout with the press exercises and stretching.

The hourglass is the most feminine figure. In this type, even when typing weight proportional to the hips and shoulders, and the waist is thin and always pronounced. Fat usually accumulates on the chest and thighs.

You will be helped by a couple months of proper nutrition without harm, enough water (try not to replace it with herbal tea), a little cardio and group training with your own weight, with dumbbells, a body-bar or with an elastic band (15-20 repetitions) + cardio, dancing, swimming or biking). Do not miss training and the body will be perfect!

The balance of food, training and the regime lead to unique results! But, having determined your type of figure and using the information, it will be much easier for you to achieve the ideal result in the shortest possible time!

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