Train your brain to stop forgetting the important things

Stop forgetting the important thingsCharge for memory: how to stop forgetting everything

Do not remember the appointment? Do not know where the documents lie? Leaving the house, for a long time and painfully remembering whether the iron was turned off? In the modern rhythm of life, our memory often “fails”. This is due to overwork and … monotony.
Every day we go on the same routes, we visit the same places, we communicate with the same people. And the brain does not get any new information! And the memory … does it have to work, if everything is the same again? Naturally, without training, it weakens. But there is a way to return it to its tonus. And for this, it is not necessary to solve the crossword puzzles and read encyclopedias for hours.

To strengthen memory, it is necessary to wean the brain to be a “guard dog”. Surprise yourself with something unexpected and unusual. It is not difficult to do this: any deviation from the usual route is a good “shake-up” for the organism. So let’s start with the new routes.

Step one: go to a new place, but only 10-20 minutes. How to do it? It’s very simple: when returning from work, choose an unusual road. Going to shopping, go to another store, and not to the place where everything is already known. Your brain will necessarily notice that something has changed.

Step two: go to an unfamiliar place for 2-3 hours. You can finally go on a visit to a friend who moved to the other end of the city or go to the cinema, where you have never been. Or test a new cafe … In addition, you can go to places where you have not been for a long time: the new for our brain becomes well forgotten old.

Step Three: Spend the whole day where you have not been. A conference or training that assumes that you will be absent during the day at the workplace; a trip with friends to a country house, an excursion to a small ancient town … All this will help to get closer to the goal.

How often do I “pull myself out” into unfamiliar (or well-forgotten) places? Of course, not every day – and not even every week. Each of the three exercises must be performed once a month. This is enough to keep the brain bored.

There are other training of memory: new acquaintances and new knowledge. The principle is the same: 15 minutes, 2-3 hours and the whole day. And all this – once a month.

Move more

Movement relieves tension and helps to find balance and calm. And in this state, we are much less likely to forget about something important.

 A few recommendations:

1. Write down what you do not need to remember.

2. Try not to spray and is always engaged in one thing.

3. Slow down, pay attention to “trivia”.

4. If you want to really relax, exit the Internet.

5. To relieve the left brain, which is responsible for logic and reason and use right – the creative, try a couple of days … brush your teeth, and write with his left hand.

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