What do you do when you get tired of living?

What do you do when you get tired of living?

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If the phrase “tired of life” constantly turns in your head – then, you must suppose, you are not tired of joyful emotions. Most often get tired of the fact that there are too many problems, but there are no positive emotions or too little. And the fatigue of life comes when this proportion becomes unbearable: problems are added, and there is still no way to see the light and joy …

Let’s try to understand: what fatigue speaks of life, what internal processes are characterized by this feeling. What can be done when a person is tired of life.

When and how does the situation “get tired of life”?

As a rule, the situation “tired of life” arises when the concentration of problems seems to go off scale. For example, they quarreled with their spouse, and then the child was sick, plus a tap in the bathroom, the repairmen had to call up, they blocked the water, you and the sick child sat for a day without water, because in the bathroom you had to eventually change the tap ….

Irritation increases, the quarrel with the partner increases in size, the child is even more capricious, and you are piled up overtime after work, and even with a scandal. And here it is – the fatigue of life: you want to lie down and disconnect from this world at least for a while.

Indeed, it happens that the problems follow one after another, and this can not continue for days, but sometimes – for months.

How so it turns out? Let’s think about it. Problems in life are inevitable, and people do not have problems without problems. But there are definitely fewer of them, and fatigue from life is a state, not that they are not at all familiar, but rarely visit them. Why?

First of all, because of the difference in perception of problems. We really can not abolish problems: the world around us is changing, people who we consider close are changing, a time is passing that we can not stop.

Most often for many people, any change is perceived as a problem. Although the need for change – not necessarily can and should become a problem.

A quarrel with a spouse – Yes, it is unpleasant, and nobody canceled feelings, but is it definitely unequivocally bad? Any crisis is a urge to change. And if he is with you, then it’s time to change your relationship for the better, and quarrels just signal it.
Is the tap running? It’s also time to change it – repair or install a new one. Than it is bad? In fact, nothing but spending and time. Not enough money? Perhaps this problem is the only thing that can push you to change jobs (despite all the “buts”).

Fatigue from life: what to do with a lot of problems?

If a person resists any changes, the problems really become more and more, which gives rise to fatigue from life. Conversely, if a person tries to perceive problems as a necessity to change something (and starts to do it, even if he does not experience this delight), problems become less, and a purposeful solution, perceived more as a creative task, generates more excitement and interest than fatigue.

Practical solution: Try to break the problem into a few simple steps, or at least formulate for yourself and start executing one, the first step. Decide how much time and effort it should take, do it. The rest of the time try not to devote a constant scrolling problem in the head – it still does not solve the problem.

How does this specifically look like? We take the same example. They quarreled with their spouse – devote time (half an hour, hour) to thinking about what you do not like about the partner’s behavior, what would you like to offer him / her. Does it make sense for another half a day to “chew” this possible conversation, digressing from work or some other important things? No.

But more often it happens differently: you “drive” in various dialogues with yourself all day, inattentively work and … get even more set of problems to which the discontent of the bosses is added. Do you help yourself in this way? No. But it helps you to create the very feeling, which is called fatigue from life.

Practical solution: To stop an uncontrolled, at first glance, stream of thoughts, learn at least concentration. Concentrate on your breathing, sensations, any pleasant object, give it at least 5 minutes of time – it’s possible at work. It will help you.

Only you yourself can decide not to waste your time on unproductive thoughts.

Where does the energy come from, if a person is tired of life?
Let us recall the beginning: in the beginning I wrote that fatigue from life occurs when the number of problems becomes much greater than the number of possible positive emotions. But where do they go? In fact, they are “seen off” by the person himself.

If you break down the problems into simple steps and learn to wait quietly – evenings, when you can talk to a partner, tomorrow, when they come to fix the crane, i.e. do not rush things, realizing that you have made your step and are now waiting for a response from reality. You will have plenty of time for positive emotions.

Long-term concentration on problems has a long-term effect: you lose energy for nothing and are deeply disappointed in yourself. After all, a person who, for days on end, drives unhappy thoughts and does not find a quick solution, feels not just fatigue from life, but also fears, despair, impotence, hatred of himself or the world, and a host of other unpleasant feelings.

As a result, such a “de-energized” person starts and it’s true to make a mistake after a mistake simply because he can no longer concentrate on anything other than thinking about problems and blaming himself.

Practical solution: If you find yourself in a bad state, try to apply to yourself the rule of three pleasures. 3 fun a day, preferably different. Not “3 times a day to read an interesting book”, and once – to walk, let’s say, in the park or in nature, another time – chat with someone pleasant and interesting, the third time – read an interesting book or watch a movie. Or, as you like, raise a cross or hang a shelf, go roller-skating or cook a delicious dish, listen to music or go to the gym.

No matter what you do, it’s important that you like it. After all, a person who is tired of life needs energy, first of all. Problems will not disappear, and they need to be solved. But at the same time, if there is energy – you can perceive the problem as the need for change, and not something fatal and irresistible. And fatigue from life will start to recede.

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