Healthy diet likely to boost memory power

Healthy diet likely to boost memory powerNew research throws light on the impact of healthy diet on the human memory. It advocates consumption of healthy diet and links it to minimal vulnerability of memory decline. The study came out in a weekly medical journal to deepen the understanding of quality diet and its impact on lowering memory loss. Dr. Snyder, who wasn’t directly associated, believes that balanced diet minimizes the risks related to cognitive decline. It may be influenced by certain dietary aspects in combination with involvement in healthy lifestyle.

The new study is unlike old ones which suggested specific diets for cognitive function improvement. It sheds light and supports the belief that improvement in overall diet results in minimal thinking decline. The healthy diet as per researchers include food items like fish, vegetables, nuts, fruits limited red meant and minimal alcohol consumption.  Leading author of this research study Dr Smyth pointed out the difference between their study and old research studies. According to him, their study outcome didn’t support or advocated for specific diet pattern.

Canada based nephrologist Dr Andrew said their goal was to analyze the outcome of healthy diet on cognitive function. They arrived to the conclusion after looking deeply into organisational beliefs throughout the world. During the research, the eating habits among 27, 860 male and female were monitored over five years in 40 countries. Participants were also questioned on overall servings consumed by them across healthy and unhealthy food items. They were rated as per points leading to a specific score.

Smyth pointed out that scores were given based on consumption of dietary recommendations including vegetables and fruits per day. Unhealthy dietary choices were also recorded in form of low scores.  Based on memory and thinking skills, participants were examined at the beginning of study. The testing was also done after a period of two years and five years. Results revealed that healthy diet followers were up to 24% less vulnerable to suffer cognitive decline in comparison to unhealthy diet followers.  The same individuals in healthy diet follower category were aged, active, had low BMI and smoked occasionally.

According to Smyth, their research team was interested about the specific group vulnerable to develop cardiovascular disease. The same individuals were supposed to have an extreme level of cognitive health decline, concluded Smyth. According to nutritionist Lisa Drayer, past researches suggested Mediterranean diet consisting fruits, fish, wholegrain and vegetables related to lower cognitive impairment. Similarly, cognitive decline is the outcome of foliate rich veggies and vitamin C rich food consumption.

Lisa pointed out the suggestion laid by previous researches that blueberries improve memory and high consumption of trans and saturated fats resulting in negative health outcome. There was no surprise experienced on recording that healthiest eaters fared better in terms of cognitive health. The evidence body advocating the relationship between healthy food choices and better thinking ability is growing with the passage of time. However, the researchers are yet to fully decode the correlation between healthy diet and status of cognitive health.  Carrots and peas can also benefit in the long run.

Image credit: Alena Ozerova


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