Honey Is Beneficial To The Body

Honey Is Beneficial To The BodyThere are several medicinal and nutritional benefits of honey. The golden colored and sweet tasting liquid extracted from beehive has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This liquid has a history which stretches back to the Egyptian tombs in early days. It is good for the human body in more ways than one depending upon variety. Raw honey means the unfiltered version which is commonly used by people. Filtration helps in extending the shelf life and the liquid is sodium free, cholesterol free and fat free containing 64 calories.

Matured digestive system can bear honey and its consumption in proper quantities has multiple health benefits. The following points will convey the message clearly to the honey lovers.

Natural energy giving drink

This sweet liquid is a rich source of natural energy containing unprocessed sugar in form of glucose and fructose. It enters into the bloodstream and quickly delivers an energy boost. A rise in blood sugar levels serves as an energy source for a shorter duration during workout sessions. According to experts, working out with empty stomach at morning helps increasing muscle mass. In this Honey offers natural cure from uncontrollable couching during winters. As per experts, two tablespoons of honey is the best remedy for persistent cough which refuses to go away easily. Children aged from one to five suffering from cold and cough will be relieved by the intake of honey. The thick consistency is helpful in coating the throat and sweet taste also shield the throat against incessant coughing.

Memory boosting drink

Enriched in antioxidants, this golden liquid prevents loss inside brain and cellular damage. It has an ability to assist in calcium absorption by the body. This in turn is beneficial to brain’s health for making significant decisions and processing thoughts. An experiment proved that regular 4 months of honey intake improved short term memory power in women.

Fights allergy

This golden liquid soothes cough with its anti-inflammatory qualities. Acting as natural vaccine, the liquid has small quantities of pollen to which the body’s exposure leads to immune response producing anti-bodies. With continuous exposure, the body becomes familiar which leads to less release of histamine. It is known to ensure less allergic responses.

Treating burns and wounds

Apart from internal abilities, honey is useful as a treatment for burns and wounds. Being a real natural antibiotic, it has wound healing qualities and disinfects them from bacterial invasion. The utility of honey dates back to 2000 years and counting.

Dandruff treatment

The sweet tasting liquid relieves the hair scalp by preventing dandruff. As per a study outcome, applying 10% of lukewarm water mixed with honey on problematic areas drives away itching and heals affected areas. It should be left for at least three hours prior to rinsing. Owing to honey’s antifungal and antibacterial properties, it treats dandruff and saeborrheic dermatitis

Sleep aid

The liquid breathes life into sleepless nights again. It may cause a lift in insulin levels and releases serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for improvements in happiness and mood. Serotonin is converted into melatonin that regulates both the quality and length of sleep.

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