CrossFit workouts you can do at home

CrossFit workouts you can do at home
The variety of training complexes available today in any fitness club is amazing. It seems that it will not be possible to find something new and unusual, but it is still possible.

System of circular training crossfire originated in the US as a fire fighting training system, but quickly gained worldwide popularity outside of the profession.

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a circular training (that is, the exercises are constantly repeated, as if closing into a chain), which consists in performing a certain set of exercises in minimum time. It has fundamental differences from the usual circular training.

First, the complex uses loads aimed at the development of several physical qualities, such as strength, endurance and dexterity. In connection with this, the training on the system of CrossFitting is usually divided into three parts: weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio.

Secondly, these exercises do not use isolated exercises, both on simulators, and with free weight. In CrossFit training is the most functional. The training includes basic weightlifting exercises … Just do not be frightened by the word “weightlifting”: the squats that are customary for every woman also apply to them. True, and without more complex exercises can not do. Be prepared to perform tractions, presses, jerks, jerks, lifts on the chest and combinations of these exercises with weights, bars and dumbbells. Also include exercises with their own weight (bars, tourniquet, rings, jumps, jumps, lunges) and endurance exercises – this is running, skipping rope, cardio, swimming, bicycle.

Thirdly, in the CrossFit there are no competitive exercises. In tournaments, athletes can perform different exercises and their combinations. Training is built on the development of various physical qualities on different days of training. For example, this combination: strength and agility, endurance and agility, endurance and strength.

The training concept of CrossFit can be called one of the best in the development of general physical training. Individual complex is selected based on the athlete’s ability and equipment of the hall. In terms of equipment and dimensions, the halls for CrossFitting are slightly different from the usual ones. But let’s not get into such details yet!

Universal advice: for mastering a CrossFit system it is necessary to have an experienced trainer, desire, will power and patience. Having all this and training in the CrossFit system, you will have a beautiful figure, and for every training to go with ever-increasing desire and interest!

How to start cross-training

Getting to the circular training, you need to understand that CrossFit is a very high-intensity load with high power. Many exercises require the possession of complex techniques, such as jerks, jerks, rings. An untrained person should be very careful to start their training, always under the supervision of a doctor and coach. It is necessary to understand that it is physiologically impossible to train various physical qualities at the same time as effectively as possible. Correctly distributed physical loads – this is the perfect physical preparation and good health. Getting ready for circular training, you need to have some functional training.

How to prepare for a CrossFit at home

Before you start performing complex functional CrossFits in the gym or fitness club, you can start with the simplest exercises at home. I have prepared for you an effective complex that does not take a lot of time.

  • The complex includes five exercises that can be performed in turn in 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions or in a row without stopping in the circular training mode.
  • Do squats with dumbbells in your hands.
  • Push ups from the floor with your feet. If it’s hard for you to do push-ups from your legs, then do them from your knees.
  • Do the attacks with a step back without dumbbells.
  • Thrust dumbbells, while standing in a slope.
  • Twisting on the press.

As a warm-up or an additional exercise in endurance in a circular training, you can use jumping rope. It is usually considered the number of jumps or the time of the exercise. If all this seems too simple, you can count the number of jumps per unit of time.

The recommended complex will allow you to prepare your muscles and cardiovascular system for more intense and intensive training.

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