Reduce the Severity of Allergy with Professional Massage


Spring time is a very delightful period. The air smells good; there is life all around with nature at its best. However with spring there are other issues also which needs a closer look. One such issue is allergy which is caused by the pollen which is aplenty in the air. This pollen causes a lot of discomfort and problems to a class of people who are allergic to pollen.  These allergic manifestations are caused basically by the immune system of the human body which becomes haywire when it comes into contact with the allergen such as pollen. The Pollen starts a chain reaction which culminates into an allergic attack. In the normal course, people who suffer from allergy visit a doctor who prescribes a class of drugs which are known as anti-histamines and the allergic reaction slowly subsides.

However there is something which can be done to reduce the severity of the reaction so that the dosage of the anti-allergic drug can be brought down since they are not recommended for use in the long run because of unpleasant and dangerous side effects. If you suffer from an allergic reaction due to pollen or some other air borne matter, consider having a professional massage. “What!” I know this will be reaction to this. How can a massage serve as an antidote for an allergic reaction? To know further, let us delve deeper into the phenomenon which is known as allergy.

Whenever any foreign particle enters the body, the body tries to expel it from the body. In the process, the body releases a special chemical known as Histamine. Histamine precipitates the symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, wheezing, pruritis etc. Another fact which has been conclusively proved is that histamines are released in far excess than required when the body and the mind is in some form of stress. A session of professional massage helps a great deal in alleviating the stress which was getting accumulated at the workplace. Stress is something which one has to learn to live with and therefore it is better to address stress by other ways and in the process prevents a flare-up of allergies caused by pollen or other allergens. This is the logic behind the whole process of using professional massage to alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

You are helpless against the response of the body against allergens such as pollen. However you can make life easier for your body by reducing stress and indirectly reducing the release of histamines.

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