Rapid Prototyping Services in Manufacturing Products


Rapid Prototyping Services provide an edge in the competitive world. It involves techniques which improves development of the product using CAD (Computer Aided Design). The construction of the complex shaped models is done using the 3D CAD technology. It has a wide application and is used for making scale model of a product quickly and thus converting the Prototype to the required Product in very less time.

The Rapid Prototyping services have wide application because it has many benefits. It allows corrections reducing the time needed for the development of the product. Engineering changes can be made and necessary features be added to the product in the design phase itself. These increase the life of the product and also go by the manufacturing and market trends. It helps to make new many new varieties, make complex designs and enables quick delivery of products. Since it is computer automated it provides visualization of the product in the model phase itself.

The traditional way of making a product was through wooden patterns and then cast the material in the mould. Rapid Prototyping Services helps to overcome wastage and generally does not only use manual skills thus easily designing complex patterns. A model is prepared using CAD in the STL format. This is processed by the RP machine by creating multiple layers of the model and is repeated until the model is complete. After removing the supports, the patterns are used to make replicas using poly-urethanes which have high strength and temperature resistance properties. The various RP techniques followed in the manufacturing industry are Stereo Lithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Three Dimensional Printing (3DP), Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Solid Ground Curing (SGC).

Rapid Prototyping uses the fabrication technology as the object is built by adding multiple layers. The CAD drawing is provided to the Rapid Prototyping Machine to develop the object. Using these technologies the Rapid Prototyping Services provide with the engineering experience that also provides solutions to meet the prototyping needs. It helps to transform the model to the prototype and then to the product. Some minor changes while making the products can reduce the cost can make it more appealing, satisfying, and reliable. It helps to improve the quality of a product in an engineering environment keeping in mind the market trends also. The products can be marketed faster and the required goals are achieved in no time.


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