The Need for Pheasant Hunting Dogs

A good hunting dog is one of the biggest helps a pheasant hunting enthusiast could get. A hunting dog is the one creature that either makes your hunting trip a grand success or else destroys it. It all depends on the training that the hunting dog has acquired. There are many different species of dogs that are used for hunting. The popular choices include Labradors, Spaniels and Retrievers. These dogs have a strong tendency to please their masters. There is a very good bonding between the hunter and his dog. This bonding is generally stronger than the relationship between a pet dog and his owner.

A pheasant hunting dog is not only good at hunting pheasants. It is also capable of hunting ducks and turkeys. A hunter must take his time while deciding which species he wants to pick. The decision of which hunting dog to pick should not be made in a hurry. Unless one is experienced at picking hunting dogs, they should simply borrow hunting dogs when going on a hunting trip from a hunting lodge. It is the safest option and such dogs are generally very well-trained. Once the dogs come near a pheasant, they pick up their smell and immediately locate it. At that point of time, it really does not matter if the dog is borrowed or owned by the hunter. Any hunting dog can locate a pheasant. After that is done, the hunt is in the hands of the hunter.

The breed of the hunting dog is a matter of personal preference. The choice is made on the basis of what characteristics the hunter wants to see in his dog. However, the dogs always need to be trained to follow some basic hunting commands. If the hunting dog starts chasing an escaped pheasant without knowing what orders ask him to stop or retreat, it is bound to get lost in the pheasant hunting estate.

The one thing all hunting dogs need to be taught is how to stay obedient. Once the dogs are obedient, they will always follow the hunter’s command. After the pheasant hunting dog has been trained, the hunter should take it for a test hunt in an area where there are less chances of any accident occurring. Once the dog has gotten used to hunting in the same area again and again, he would have gained enough experience to hunt in other unexplored places.


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