Celebrating Halloween with your kids

Celebrating Halloween with your kids

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If you plan to have fun Halloween, then see what an interesting decor you can make with your own hands with the children.

How to make a party and what for this to cook for Halloween children?

We have prepared for you several ideas about what can be done on Halloween with our own hands:

  • Any present party will not do without invitational cards on Halloween, made by own hands.
  • It will be exciting to make different crafts for Halloween with the children. Subsequently they can be used for decoration or as props.
  • We’ll throw up a couple of funny ideas about the Halloween decorations, which are also done by our own hands, so that the atmosphere adjusts to the right mood.
  • Do not know how to properly make a traditional pumpkin for Halloween? We’ll share the instructions.
  • The program must contain recipes for special Halloween treats for children, which excite not only the appetite, but also the imagination.
  • And of course, about any fun without a masquerade is out of the question. And make a children’s costume for Halloween with their own hands is much more interesting than to be limited to a ready-made outfit.

Halloween pumpkin is the most important

The famous pumpkin-lamp of Jack must be prepared and brought to mind by all rules, otherwise it will not be able to please the eyes for a long time. On which side to cut a hole in it, depends only on your preferences. With equal success, you can cover a candle or a pumpkin flashlight from above, leaving a tail for it, or to put the lighting in, cutting a classic star-shaped notch on the top.

Halloween pumpkin is the most important

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So, we clean and make out the Halloween pumpkin:

  • Remove all pulp. Well, scratch the walls with a spoon, so that there is not a piece left. It is important.
  • Moisten a rag with alcohol or vodka and carefully wipe the pumpkin from the inside.
  • Fill the workpiece with crumpled paper and store it in a ventilated dark place.
    Change the paper as it gets wet. If you dry it properly, it will last a long time and will not rot.
  • You can cut out on a pumpkin a classic sinister mug or any other patterns. To do this, you will need a marker for drawing contours and a knife.
  • You can also use a drill, tins for baking in tandem with a hammer and everything that is suitable for figured carving.

Holiday Halloween

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Experiment with cheerful ways to decorate a pumpkin for a children’s holiday. Children will love the smiling, not scaly muzzle, holes in the form of flowers or stars and colored ornaments pasted onto a pumpkin (beads, buttons, hat and other attributes for Halloween, decorated with their own hands). By the way, this way you can do not only with pumpkin, but also with other vegetables and even with apples. That will provide children with a useful and fascinating occupation.

From a pumpkin do not only tasty dishes, but also the original decor for the holiday. From it you can cut a scarecrow, make a vase for flowers, and also paint or decorate with bright colors.

Make your own decor on Halloween

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Funny monsters, as well as original festive garlands are easy to cut out of colored paper or cardboard.

Funny monsters

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We decorate the festive table

Ghost in a cup with coffee

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Instead of the central composition, you can put a carved or decorated pumpkin. The tablecloth is the basis of the festive serving, you can take in classic black or orange colors, and then decorate the overall composition with a spider web with spiders and other elements.

Halloween decoration

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The festive menu can be made up of useful dishes of children’s cuisine, designed and named in accordance with the festive thematic.

We offer a selection of diverse dishes in the style of Halloween.

Сake with cobwebs

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