4 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

4 Common Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

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Without observing the rules of proper nutrition it is impossible to become the owner of a beautiful figure for a long time. What frequent mistakes are allowed in proper nutrition – read in our material.
Proper nutrition is great, because it is the key to a beautiful figure, good mood and beautiful skin. Pay attention to the most common mistakes that are allowed in the principles of proper nutrition.

Use sugar substitutes

Very often girls who decide to eat properly, sugar in the diet is completely replaced with a sweetener. In fact, it does not make any sense. Glucose, which is contained in sugar, is vitally important for our body, so do not give it up. Just eat sugar moderately: for example, 2 times a day on a spoon in tea.

Harm to lose weight: doctors categorically do not advise completely to give up sugar even for those who want to lose weight. Exceptions are only diabetics. So, the constant use of sugar substitutes can lead to disruption of the central system. In addition, all sugar substitutes intestine bile, which can also be a problem for the body.

To refuse from those or other products

Completely abandon a product is also an incorrect strategy. So, proper nutrition is a harmonious diet, where everything is presented a little. Moreover, it often happens that we refuse a vital product, and then instead of the promised health and longevity, we get problems. A vivid example is butter.

Harm to lose weight: when you lose weight, it is important not just to lose weight, to reset it correctly, fixing the result for a long time and not harming the body as a whole. A wave of rejection of a product can lead to health problems. So, for example, exclusion of butter from the diet (fat of animal origin) will have a bad effect on women’s health.

To drink skimmed yogurt

Low-fat products are absolutely useless for our body. This is just one way to remove the feeling of hunger without any useful ingredients. It is also worth noting, in such products there is no fat, which is needed for proper energy exchange in the body.

Optimal to buy dairy products with a fat content of 2.5 percent.

Important: in the use of low-fat products, it makes sense only during weight loss, when you need to limit calories. However, later, return to the use of dairy products of medium fat: they do not provoke weight gain, and at the same time, will imprint the body with calcium.

Select one product group

Select one product group

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The same type of food is a big problem among those who eat right. Someone eats only buckwheat and chicken, someone – vegetables, and someone exclusively boiled fish for dinner. It is not right. First, you must ensure that there are different food groups in the diet. Secondly, the food should be varied in taste, otherwise you will soon get frustrated. Thirdly, listen to your body – if you want some specific product, eat it. The main thing, remember the moderate amount of servings, which must be observed.

Harm to lose weight: choosing only one group of products in the period of weight loss can lead to a number of diseases. Thus, protein diets have a very negative effect on kidney function. And vegan food systems can lead to problems with muscle tissue. Therefore, always eat balanced.

Proper nutrition is, first of all, balanced availability of food in your food basket. Remember that the body needs all groups of products, do not get carried away by artificial substitutes and try to make the menu as diverse as possible. In this case, the food should be useful, as well as properly cooked: boiled or baked (also an excellent option – a grill).

Be beautiful!

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