Weighing yourself every day may help with weight loss

Weighing yourself every day may help with weight lossIf you think that you can not lose weight without giving up your favorite food, then you are mistaken. Scientists have developed a simple method that helps to lose weight without any restrictions.

At Drexel University, a study was conducted involving three hundred students who were weighed every day for two years.

Like the students in the control group, the subjects fed on anything and practiced fitness from time to time. However, they managed to achieve a significant decrease in the body mass index – the scientists associated it with the habit of getting on the scales every morning.

In 2009, a study by the same university showed that in the first year of study 70% of students gain a significant amount of extra pounds.

However, in an experiment with weights, scientists did not tell students to go on a diet or exercise, so this very weighing ritual affected the fact that students not only did not gain weight, but also dropped excess pounds.

Regular weighing can encourage you to eat healthy food and exercise because it gives you proof of how effective this behavior affects weight loss and preventing it from increasing, “says Megan Butrin from Drexel University.

So, daily control of your body with the help of floor scales will help you achieve results in losing weight, but here it is necessary to take into account one important point.

The weight of a person can fluctuate for a couple of pounds. If today you weigh a little more than yesterday, it could be the result of a dense dinner or water retention in the body associated with the menstrual cycle.

Therefore, you need to track changes in weight by the average week.

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