Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose WeightYou decided to put yourself in shape, try, but special results are imperceptible? It would seem that they began to engage in sports, there is less, but the arrow of the scales is sadly “trampled” on the spot. Let’s consider the most common mistakes that people make in the fight against extra pounds. You snack on fruit, count calories, and get some form of exercise most days. So when you step on that scale and the needle stays put, you are wondering what exactly you are doing wrong.

Check your caloric intake and calories

One of the main reasons to prevent weight loss is the consumption of calories. If you consume more than you expend, then classes in the gym, even before exhaustion, may not work. It’s not scary if sitting on a diet or eating an exceptionally low-calorie, healthy food, you will allow yourself a piece of cake or a cake. But, nutritionists are advised to do this no more than once a week. Only sports or fitness without a healthy diet will not help.

It happens the other way round: a person began to exercise regularly, watch for calories consumed, but the extra pounds still do not go away or go too slowly. The problem can be in the irrational relationship between training and eating. If your task is exactly weight loss, then for an hour and a half before training, arrange a light “snack” with vegetable salad, yogurt or loaves with a piece of boiled chicken or turkey. After classes you can eat after an hour and a half.

Cardiovascular and exercise equipment: how to deal properly

If you swing the press intensively, you work on the simulators up to the seventh sweat, but still the excess fat on the abdomen and hips does not go away, then change the training format. Most likely, you do not have enough cardio loads. It’s running or brisk walking, swimming. In the gym for cardio loads use a treadmill, a rowing machine, a stepper, etc. The meaning of such loads is that at the beginning of training (the first half hour) the muscles are fed with glucose, which is in the blood. And only then the fat reserves start to be burned, which the body starts to use as fuel. Do not less than an hour, starting from 20-30 minutes and gradually extending the time of each workout by 5 minutes.

Also pay attention to work with power training machines: if your goal is to lose weight, and not to pump up muscles, then try to increase the load not at the expense of weights of dumbbells, for example, but due to the frequency of repetitions. So, dumbbells weighing 3,3-4,4 lbs are enough to ensure that the chest, back and arms look taut.

Check your floor scales

It’s possible that your weight is actually gradually decreasing, just you are incorrectly weighed or using scales. To know your weight as accurately as possible, you should:

  • weigh in the morning, on an empty stomach, after going to the toilet
  • measure weight without clothes or in underwear
  • use only scales
  • the scales should be installed on a level surface: carpets, carpets, uneven floors distort the results during weighing.

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