Best Workouts for Weight Loss

How to Exercise for Maximum Weight Loss

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You might think that long-term jogging is more suitable for fat burning and weight loss, and for muscle building and growth one must go into the hall and deal with burdens. It sounds logical, but not all so unambiguously.

Everyone who wants to lose weight, goes to the fork in which two paths open before him. Of course, there are still small paths, but basically only two.

The first way is cardio training. This, for example, running, swimming, cycling and others. The second – strength training – classes in the hall with weights (with bars, simulators, dumbbells).
Both have advantages and disadvantages, so we will try to describe everything in detail.

Plus-Minus Calories

It is believed that cardio-burning burns more calories than strength training. By spending extra calories, we force the body to burn fat stores. Therefore, a calorie deficit is a key condition for weight loss.

Cardio is a long aerobic training. As a rule, during cardio training the pulse is kept in the range of 60-70% of the maximum heart rate.
In addition, after cardio training, depending on its intensity and duration, an additional 40-80 kcal is burned.

When you start running regularly, you may need to change some dietary habits to make it easier and make running a pleasant pastime.

But, according to research, during strength training, metabolism is accelerated. This effect allows you to increase your calorie intake in the next 36 hours on average by 10 extra kilocalories per hour. And it is more profitable.

Acceleration of metabolism

The rate of metabolism determines how much energy the body needs at rest. People with high metabolism, even sitting in front of the TV, burn more calories.

And, you know, the more muscles, the more energy they burn. It’s like a deposit in a bank, on which interest is charged. You rest, but it works.

This is the main reason why men can eat more women without gaining weight. Male body has more muscle mass and burns more calories around the clock.

Therefore, training with weights, increasing muscle mass, is an investment in the future. The more muscle mass there is, the more it will burn calories. Cardiotonases do not have this effect, since they do not promote muscle growth.

More muscles

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Cardio workouts burn more calories, and with their help the weight is lost faster. It’s easy to see if you have a scale.

But there is an underwater rock. Thanks to cardio it is easy to lose not only fat, but also muscles. You will weigh less, but outwardly the muscles will lose their tone.

And, conversely, I train in the hall, you can pay attention that the weight will not change much. The fact is that the muscles begin to grow, and they weigh more fat loss.

There is a transformation: fat loss and replacement of its muscles. This improves the appearance of the figure. The downside is that you do not notice the dynamics on the scales.

Hormonal balance

Another difference between strength training and cardio is that they change the hormonal background.

Training with weight translates the body into an anabolic state and stimulates an increase in muscle mass. Cardio, on the other hand, increases the level of cortisol and the loss of muscle mass.

Benefit for health

Obviously, cardio surgery is very beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system. Strength training does not load and does not train the heart in the same way as prolonged cardio.

What in the end?

Now you understand that there is no single answer. But if you see for yourself the pros in both types of training, no one forbids you to combine them. In fact, during fat burning, athletes combine cardio and strength training.


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