Why Stretching is Important for Weight Loss and Exercise

Why Stretching is Important for Weight Loss and ExerciseWho said that sport should be intense and intense? Measuring stretching gives no less results.

Stretching is the basis of every sport. It makes the muscles rigid and elastic, precisely the stretched muscles give a beautiful relief. But stretching can be an independent sport, because it is useful and burns a lot of calories.

What is stretching

Stretching is a set of exercises aimed at intensive stretching of the muscles and tendons.

Such training is conducted in a smooth rhythm, without sharp movements, at home or in the group. The first lessons are recommended to be conducted under the supervision of a trainer.

Use of stretching

Except that the stretching will make you slimmer and more relief, and the muscles are more elastic, it increases flexibility, improves blood circulation, reduces the pain threshold and increases stamina.

How is the stretching exercise going?

Typically, such classes last no more than an hour. Despite the fact that they are not very intense, during stretching, huge energy is being spent, so it’s harder for some athletes with an experience to stand up to more than an hour of stretching.

Since we have quite a lot of muscles that require stretching, the lessons are usually divided into stretching the upper body and the lower part of the body. The rest of the muscles are given attention, but not so intense.

Often, stretching runs with a coach and in a pair. In order to properly stretch the muscle, without injuring it, you need to observe a specialist.

Who can handle stretching

Stretch marks almost no contraindications, unless it is desirable to change the intensity of the load for certain problems: it is better to discuss it with the coach.

Stretching can be done by men, women, children, pregnant women.

Contraindications for stretching

Stretching is allowed even to people with heart problems. However, contraindications exist. It is an increased pressure, bruises, fractures, problems with ligaments and joints.

How much can you lose weight from stretching

If you handle stretching twice a week, you can lose 6 pounds a month. If you bring the number of workouts up to 4 times, you can lose 11 pounds at a time for a month.

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