7 schools, where they teach to be a magician, Santa Claus or academician Parkour

School of MagicPicture Credit: TuendeBede

A new school year has come. Many of us breathed a sigh of relief, rejoicing that the school years were far behind. All the same, lessons, exams, exams – it’s not particularly fun. But there are schools in the world, and even universities, where the educational process was able to turn into a real adventure.

We will introduce you to schools and universities where you can learn to be an elf or a wizard, become an expert in hamburgers and get other, equally interesting specialties.

1. School of Magic
In 2002, in California, the United States, a school was opened that specializes in occult magic. Its graduates receive an official diploma of a magician. There are several specialties in the school, and depending on the passed course the graduate gets the title: sylph, salamander, undine or gnome. Entrants of any age are accepted into this school.

2. Deep Springs College
Again in California, USA, on one of the livestock ranches in 1917, a college was founded. It is based on three principles: teaching, work and self-management. Students independently take care of animals, prepare their own food and work in the garden and in the field. The educational institution is calculated for only 30 students.

3. University of Maharishi
One of the founding principles of the University of Maharishi, which arose in the 1960s in Iowa, USA, is the achievement of spiritual satisfaction and happiness. Admission to this institution is free. The university teaches classical academic subjects and emphasizes the development of creative thinking and regular meditations. Today, the university’s branches exist all over the world.

4. The Monroe Institute
The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA is the only educational institution in the world where it is taught to control dreams and “separate” the soul from the body. The founder of the institute Robert Monroe claims that he mastered the technique of “getting out of the body” in perfection, has a great experience in out-of-body life and is ready to teach everyone this.

5. Parkour Academy

Parkour Academy
Picture Credit: dongabito

In the US, parkour is so popular that in many states there are schools teaching this art, there is even the Parkour Academy. Teachers of these educational institutions are professional freerunners, and their vast space is equipped with everything necessary for students to learn how to climb, jump and run perfectly using any surface.

6. Hamburger University
In 1961, on the basis of McDonald’s in Illinois, USA, the first Hamburger University was opened. Today, the branches of this university operate in many cities around the world. The university teaches not only how to work in fast food restaurants, but also the basics of doing business, help develop leadership qualities.

7. Santa Claus School

School of Santa Claus
Picture Credit: 3194556

In the state of Michigan, USA, since the beginning of the last century there is the Santa Claus School. In the classroom, future Christmas wizards study the traditions of the holiday, the story of the image of Santa, learn how to properly choose clothes and make up make-up, and to deal with deer.

And in addition to specialized schools and universities, there are many unusual courses of different focus.

At Columbia College in Chicago, everyone is offered a basic course of survival with a zombie apocalypse.
In Oberlin College in Ohio, the course “How to win a beauty contest” is open.
At Wisconsin University in Madison, there are courses of elven language – probably for those who did not enter the School of Elves on the first try.
At the University of Alfred in New York, there is a course “Skuperdyaystvo, or Life on a dollar a day.”
The University of Santa Clara in California offers a course for those who want to learn everything about the process of decomposition of garbage.
The California Institute of Technology offers a faculty for soap bubbles. Plus a course on physics in the context of superheroes: only students who have studied this subject know why Superman can fly.
For students at Cornell University, the course “How to climb trees” is valid.

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