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Stones for building a career

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It has long been believed that the main and main purpose of women is the family and children. But in the modern world many representatives of the weak half of humanity choose to realize themselves in the professional field. Unfortunately, it is not possible to overpower such a difficult path. And sometimes, in order to achieve the desired heights, it is necessary to have strong qualities and a strong willpower to combat your shortcomings. Often on the way there are problems with which one has to cope. The reasons for their occurrence can be very different. It can be envy, and, consequently, – reports and incarnations. And men sometimes, believing that the woman’s place near the stove, begin to fight her “for his place under the sun.” How to overcome all obstacles and climb up the career ladder? Ways to achieve the desired very much.

Minerals have long been considered indispensable helpers of man in all spheres of his activity. And to build a career, you can use the magical properties of gems. Certain minerals can perfectly help in building business in business and aspirations up the career ladder, gently affecting your life line and environment. In many ways, the choice of jewelry with stones depends on the characteristics of the work and the choice of profession. The main thing is to choose a talisman that will help in your activity.

If your work is connected with the risk to life – the military, police, stuntmen, technicians, rescuers, firemen, etc., then when choosing jewelery with gems, pay special attention to the minerals that will add courage, courage, reasonableness to you. Of no small importance is the presence of the mineral property to protect its owner. The category of such stones include garnet and ruby. The role of the amulet will perfectly fulfill the tiger’s eye and cat’s eye.

Stones for success and prosperity

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Also pay attention to the following stones: heliotrope, onyx, amber, sodalite, agate, turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, diamond, emerald, jade, jadeite, jasper, carnelian and sapphire.

If your work is connected with travel and you have to spend a lot of time on the road – guides, sailors, archaeologists, pilots, then you will be most welcome jewelry with stones that perform the function of an amulet away from home. The most suitable ones are coral, alexandrite or opal. Good luck in your affairs will bring you stones of blue tonalities, for example, turquoise or lapis lazuli. When choosing jewelry, you should pay attention to such precious stones as beryl, aquamarine, agate, emerald, amethyst, diamond, ruby, sapphire, jade, jadeite, rhinestone, amber, jasper, carnelian, gagat, garnet, hyacinth, chalcedony, topaz and sardonyx.


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Specialists working in the field of education and science (professors, teachers, scientists, academicians) are advised to wear jewelry made of amber, jewelry made of pearls or jewelry made from malachite. The energy of these stones will add to the character of patience. A clear memory and clear mind will bring an alternate wearing of amber and rock crystal of white color. Just as luck will attract aventurine, blue tourmaline, coral, beryl, hyacinth, aquamarine, sodalite, coral, emerald, ruby, jade, jasper and chrysoprase.

In the list of revered stones among businessmen and businessmen there is a citrine. He is beyond competition. Set up business processes will help and rings with diamond and emerald. The subtle point is that the ring must be worn only during work. When you come home – take it off, let yourself rest and the stone from a busy work day.
Businessmen should pay attention to such gems as: white coral, sapphire, tiger’s eye, tanzanite, garnet, turquoise, hyacinth, rock crystal, topaz, aquamarine, onyx, opal, falcon eye, magnetite, carnelian, jasper, chrysolite, pearl, lapis lazuli , beryl and alexandrite. And leaders and people holding political posts – on jasper, onyx, sardonyx, red garnet, ruby, zircon, turquoise, nephrite, hyacinth, topaz and striped chalcedony.

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