The beauty that kills

In the world that we live in, grooming is very important, especially when you want to project yourself as a person who is highly confident. Our appearance speaks volumes about the type of person that we are. People are still judged by their covers. Unfortunately, while we try our best to exhibit our confidence and credence through our appearance, what we don’t see is the problems that are associated with it. Here are some of the things that affect our health in the name of beauty.

Wearing high heels

Heels are known to project our confidence and make one feel powerful and authoritative. While this is good, wearing heels isn’t good for our joints. People do feel the pain after wearing heels for some time. But the idea of appearing powerful makes them want more. Occasionally wearing it for a sometimes won’t create a problem.


We come across a lot of people who’ve pierced their body. At least, they’ll have their ears pierced. People have multiple piercings on their ears. Some two, some three, some everything except the earlobes! It has become a fashion for people to pierce their tragus, cartilages, industrials, and their helix. These piercings won’t heal once you stop. And for those who think that there’s pain only during the piercing process, wait for a few years.


Women fall in love with waxing. They don’t want hair on their soft skin. They want to attract people with their clean and clear skin. We see a lot of women waxing their eyebrows, legs, arms, armpits, bikini lines etc. While there are arguments claiming that waxing isn’t unhealthy, it surely can have an effect on sensitive skin. It can leave red marks on the skin that takes a while to subside.

Teeth whitening

A smile is the best jewellery that people can wear. Hence, people go to an extent to have a beautiful smile on their face. And for most who smile, they want a brighter tooth. Hence, they resort to things like teeth whitener through treatments that can be harsh for those with sensitive teeth. It will cause great discomfort soon after the treatment ends.

Heat styling

Women love their hair. The reason is that the hair accentuates the beauty of any women. And mostly, women are unsatisfied with their hair. But we have hair straighteners and curling irons to help with achieving the best hairstyle. The problem is that it has to be carefully used. If used improperly, there are chances of burning your skin which is terribly painful.


Well-shaped eyebrows accentuate your beauty by framing your face. Hence, people pluck hair from the eyebrows in order to attain the perfect shape. But the skin around our eyes is highly sensitive. It not only stings but also makes your eyes watery. The area becomes red and might sting for a few days.

It is thus better to go natural and exhibit your confidence rather than taking the pain to appear confident. The information is brought to you by Florida Thunder, as an awareness for the public.

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