Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Dangerous BASE JumpingImage credit: skeeze

It is believed that fans of health promotion are engaged in fitness in order to improve their physical performance and improve their health. Passion for some sports carries more danger than good, but there is no shortage of people who want to get adrenaline. What are the extreme types of physical activity now popular?

Dangerous BASE Jumping

Jumpers are fond of jumping from a high altitude and deservedly occupy the first line in the rating of mortality among athletes. Most of the deaths occur in jumping in wingsuit, so that you can do other kinds of jumping almost without fear for your health.

Risky hang gliding

Risky hang gliding

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Lethal accidents, as a rule, occur due to errors on take-off or due to wind change during landing. However, these are only two main causes of deaths from a long list of tragic events.

Skydiving is not for a healthy life-style

Parachute sport only seems simple, because the death statistics are about one death per one hundred sixty thousand. However, the main dangers lie in wait for fans of long jumps, not for beginners.

Cave diving and health problems

Cave diving and health problems

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Most victims of unsuccessful immersion do not die to the depth, but become disabled due to oxygen starvation and an excess of nitrogen. Diving in caves is especially dangerous because of the impossibility of a quick ascent.

Surfing and sea predators

Surfing is a spectacular sport, but conquering too much waves can turn into a tragedy. The main danger is the lack of oxygen, the second place is occupied by sharks.

Motorcycle sport – not for weaklings

Motorcycle sport

Image credit: Gareth Davies

For one race a professional motorcycle racer can lose up to five kilograms of weight. It is terrible to imagine the consequences for his health of such extreme loads.

Mountaineers without insurance

Conquest of mountain peaks becomes especially dangerous if the climber refuses insurance. A greater risk of death is also associated with a sudden change in weather conditions and altitude sickness.

Extreme rafting

The statistics of deaths are worsened by river alloys on dangerous routes. When trying to overcome the obstacle course from rapids, waterfalls and grottos, a lot of brave travelers suffer a setback.

Alpine skiing in the risk zone

Alpine skiing in the risk zone

Image credit: Up-Free

Amateur tracks can not be feared, while during the jumps from a springboard one of almost six thousand athletes perishes every year. Dangerous and heli-skiing, the program of which includes a lift on a helicopter and a jump from his cabin at a decent altitude.

Boxing is not just fitness

Over the past one hundred and twenty years, the competition in the ring has caused the death of about one thousand six hundred athletes. At least the number of boxers met their deaths because of incompatible with life injuries received during the fight.

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