Ways to be Comfortable on a Long Flight

Ways to be Comfortable on a Long FlightCongratulations, if you opened this article, then you’re going to fly somewhere for a long time. We hope this is an exotic island and your holiday will be unforgettable. But the flight from 12 hours and longer can spoil the first few days of precious vacation.

Aircraft for long flights are spacious and comfortable. But still, to spend a dozen hours in one place is not easy. There are several ways to alleviate this fate.

Download the series

Strengthen several films at once for the flight is difficult, but the show is addictive. It’s better if it’s a lightweight sitcom with an uncomplicated storyline or a detective that grabs you until the last episode and helps you pass unnoticed.

Do the gymnastics

If possible, get up and walk. If it is difficult, it’s mandatory to do gymnastics for feet every hour: squeeze and unclench your fingers, turn your feet to the right and left. And also self-massage of the neck and circles of the head.

Take the pillow

Of course, we’re not talking about the usual pillow. Cushion traveler in the shape of the letter “C” is sold at any airport and irreplaceable, to sleep in the airplane chair.

Sleep with sleeping pills

For such a long flight, you just need to sleep, but sleep promises to be sensitive and unsettling. Take a light sleeping pill into the flight, which will help you to sleep soundly and get enough sleep. Make sure that it is included in the list of medications allowed for importation into the country of your holiday.

Take care of a child

Children are more painful than us to take flights, because it is important for them to move a lot. Make sure that the child has a full range of entertainment: books, games, cartoons, a favorite toy. Watch him drink enough water, talk to him, do not let him get bored.

Replace the lens with glasses

With a long flight, daily lenses must be removed, but in an airplane for this purpose, not enough comfortable conditions. It is better to prefer glasses for the time of the flight, and again to put the lenses on arrival.

Do not forget about the cream

In flight, the skin of the face and hands especially suffers from dryness: grab moisturizing napkins without alcohol or a universal cream. Remember, in hand luggage you can not carry liquids in a container more than 100 ml.

Use the nicotine patch

If you smoke, flying can be a painful test for you. In order not to experience nicotine withdrawal, use the nicotine patch.

We wish you a successful flight and a pleasant vacation!

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