Can A Vegetarian Diet Lower Your Cancer Risk?

Can A Vegetarian Diet Lower Your Cancer Risk?Oncologists are still looking for cancer causes. These are called viruses, mutations, ultraviolet light, tobacco smoke and much more. However, everyone’s friends noticed that domestic dogs and cats suffer from malignant tumors much more often than horses and cows. After all, the last – vegetarians! Recently, zoologists presented the world a strange beast with an extravagant name “naked digger”. Looks terrible, but he lives 25-30 years and never gets cancer. In this case, the digger refers to rodents and even in the mouth does not take fast. Is it a coincidence? The scientist still has to explain the relationship between cancer and nutrition, but something is already known about it.

Cancer cells are constantly born among the usual, but the army of ubiquitous immune cells – leukocytes – finds and neutralizes them. And when the army fails perfectly with its responsibilities? When it is well fed and does not interfere. So, our immunity is able to cope with a terrible illness independently if everything is needed in the body and harmful access will be blocked. Let’s see how useful a vegan diet is here.

The five main reasons why vegan food is as far from cancer as possible
For each eaten product there are some chemical compounds that affect the metabolism. Eating exclusively gifts of flora, vegan prevents the body from entering a number of substances-saboteurs from animal food. So, if you are a vegetarian, these harmful substances will not get into your body:

  • Cholesterol His surpluses will not settle on the walls of the blood vessels, which means that the blood circulation will be able to function as a Swiss watch.
  • Antibiotics The whole and intact micro flora of the intestine will remain.
  • Hormones They work point and in microscopic doses. If they are not prescribed by a doctor, their actions are unpredictable, but always destructive.
  • Allergens of milk and eggs. Immune cells can calmly clean the body without distracting on foreign proteins without spending their energy on them.
  • Carcinogens arising from roasting or smoking. Less reason for inflammation, which weaken the body and drag on a significant strength of leukocytes.

In addition, it is animal food that is more readily and more highly sucked up, so the vegan is free from excess sodium, which means it can count on ideal blood pressure. The kidneys also feel better because they do not have to display the astronomical volume of nitrogen compounds that arise when protein is destroyed. Plants – a wonderful organism that can create almost any organic matter. All of them, except, of course, poisonous, are intended for us in food.

For a million years, the human body has learned to profit even from those that are not digested. Among these beneficial substances are the most valuable for immunity:

  • Dietary fiber: it is not digested, but provides for intestinal micro flora, which prevents intestinal cancer;
  • Vitamins: without them, the body quickly appears, for example, papillomaviruses that cause cervical cancer;
  • Lycopene: These magic compounds seem to blurred on the birth of cancer cells.

Why bowel health is the basis of cancer prevention
The roots of any disease Japanese physicians first look for in the digestive tract, and this has its own reason. The human intestine is significantly longer than the predator of the same mass, and here are two problems associated with nutrition.

  • Proteins of meat food do not split immediately into separate “bricks”. First there are small bonds with 10-20 amino acids, many of them toxic. The walls of the intestine do not know how to separate them from the useful and suction all in a row. And the longer the intestine, the more poison penetrates into the bloodstream and the liver becomes more overloaded.
  • Defecation have to overcome a longer distance, so they have time to give too much water, thicken and make it difficult to empty the intestines.
    Prolonged constipation, the presence of toxins in the blood, the liver, working on the verge, can provoke colon cancer and leukemia, but only not in veins. Their diet contains the required amount of fiber that irritates the walls of the intestine, and organic acids that soften feces. Food passes through the intestine quickly enough to give nutrients and not have time to poison cells.

Vegetable products contain everything: a complete protein (soya), carbohydrates with a strong energy supply (fruits, cereals), correct fats (olives, linseed seeds), iron (buckwheat). The competently composed, the most diverse vegan ration supports the body in a tone, awakens its natural purifying forces and is the best prevention of the disease, which is even scary to name.

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