Cleaning Before Moving: Useful Strategies

Cleaning Before Moving: Useful Strategies

You do not know how to organize cleaning before moving? We know that moving to a new home can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Feelings of frustration make many people lose their minds when everything seems chaotic and disorganized.

We all know that you need to clean everything in the old house when it’s time to move. In this article, you will find very practical and effective cleaning strategies before moving.

How to organize cleaning before moving?

Start at the top

Use boxes to organize the contents of your rooms. Mark them with the appropriate room in which they will be moved.

For starters, although this seems obvious, it is worth remembering that if you live in a house with two floors, you should start from the top. So you can leave the second floor in perfect condition.

So, start by cleaning any room and close the door when you are done. Do not try to do everything at once, because you can contaminate what has already been clean and break what has already been made.

Sign the boxes

Feelings of insecurity and frustration usually accompany any move.

Where is my favorite lamp? Where are my documents?

If you do not want to forget something important, we recommend using boxes and marking them for each group of things.

Order and organization are the basis of success. One way to put everything in order is to use boxes. You will save time if you pack your things. You can even number the boxes and write down what each one contains.

Emotional cleaning before moving

Moving is also a time to get rid of the old and focus on the new.

We are also emotionally committed to many things. So another good cleansing strategy is to get rid of what you want to leave behind in your life. Think of it as a way to move forward from those past emotions that don’t add anything positive to your life.

Don’t be afraid to let go of items that have been lying around for years. Take the opportunity to throw away, sell or give away things that tie you to the last stage of your life.

Since the present is all you have now, we do not recommend limiting yourself to bad memories. Instead, buy new furniture to start a new story. The new stage begins with hope.

Cleaning of the new house: bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom

Cleaning a new home can seem difficult. This is an unthinkable number of angles and items to move.

You need to focus your energy mainly on the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Concentrate on hard-to-reach places to make it more comfortable when you have already settled in your new home.

You can take advantage of the fact that your new house is empty to clean the walls, roof corners, air conditioners, etc. Also, be sure to clean the corners of the kitchen and bathroom (shower screen, drawers, toilet, etc.).

In general, careful cleaning of the house reveals its condition and what needs to be fixed.

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