Ideal Combinations for Breakfast that Speed Up Metabolism

Ideal Combinations For Breakfast That Speed Up Metabolism

A hearty breakfast is one way to achieve slimness. It is with it that experts associate the effect of accelerating metabolism. Therefore, they recommend eating certain combinations of foods for breakfast.

To have a good metabolism, you can not skip breakfast: to stimulate metabolic processes, intense fat burning, eat in the morning should begin no later than one hour after waking up.

Thanks to it, the body better regulates the fluctuations of insulin, the cells increase the sensitivity of receptors to this hormone – thus, breakfast protects against the development of insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders associated with weight gain, diabetes.

Experts in the field of weight loss called the ideal combination of foods for breakfast that speeds up metabolism. For example, nutritionists recommend eating oatmeal with berries and nuts. This dish provides you slow carbohydrates that maintain a long feeling of satiety, and protein, the assimilation of which requires high energy expenditure.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions

Another example of one of the best food combinations for breakfast is scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions. Eggs contain many nutrients that increase muscle mass and prolong the feeling of satiety, which protects against overeating, helps to lose weight, maintain weight. Combining them with tomatoes and onions, we get an additional bonus to improve vascular function, which also has a beneficial effect on metabolism, in addition, reduces the risk of heart disease and brain.

Greek yogurt with fruit or berries

This yogurt supplies the body with monounsaturated fat needed for active functions, and a large amount of protein, which can speed up metabolism and, at the same time, the processes of fat burning. Berries, pieces of fruit contain antioxidants, that also have a positive effect on fat metabolism.

Avocado with whole grain bread

Is a great alternative to bread and butter. Avocados combine extremely beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which improves bowel function and plays a key role in weight loss. Together with bread for breakfast, it will give the effect of long satiety, and also will show the effect of acceleration of metabolism.

Green tea or water with lemon

Green tea or water with lemon is also recommended for consumption in the morning – they help the body restore lost moisture, without which an active metabolism is simply physically impossible.

And only after breakfast, experts recommend drinking coffee. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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