5 Foods To Eat Yourself Slim

5 Foods To Eat Yourself SlimWhat products must be included in the daily diet to be in good shape.

Keeping the shape fit is not an easy task. To do this, you need to regularly go in for sports, and also monitor your diet.

What is for a slim figure: TOP-5 products

Squirrels. A healthy diet should be 30 – 40% composed of proteins. Valuable substance found in fish, cheeses and poultry. It is important to alternate dairy products with fish and white meat.

Cereals. Particularly useful cereal porridge for weight loss. They contain fiber, as well as other trace elements that are beneficial to health and slim figure.

Vegetables. Raw vegetables are best consumed in the morning or afternoon, and for dinner these products should be cooked – cooked or baked. Nutritionists recommend allocating about 70% of the daily diet for vegetables.

Fruits. Most fruits contain a lot of fructose. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat them before lunch. However, fruit snacks will help to saturate the body and provide it with essential vitamins, as well as eliminate toxins.

Almond. Almond nuts contain many vitamins and healthy elements. In addition, the use of almonds helps to strengthen the bones, as it contains a large amount of calcium. Almonds can be consumed when the consumption of animal protein should be significantly reduced.

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