4 Dangerous Exercises That lead To Injuries

4 Dangerous Exercises That lead To InjuriesAre you used to doing all the training without a coach? And in vain, because many popular exercises and workouts can simply harm your health, if you do them uncontrollably
Fitness is so popular that all of its areas are difficult to calculate and master.

But no matter how safe it may seem, there are a number of exercises that you definitely need to do under the supervision of a coach.


As you know, this is an endurance training, and the load falls on all muscle groups.That is why it is necessary to engage in crossfit under supervision, so as not to accidentally get injured.

Squats with weights

Of course, when you start training, you want everything at once, and many times – to take the barbell with the weight more than yourself, sit down with it – just as the muscles get pumped right away!

This is not worth doing, because the load falls on the joints and hip belt. In addition, large weights can affect the position of the internal organs, which adversely affect health.


Performing this exercise is also popular, but also should be performed under the supervision of a trainer.
Improper performance threatens back muscles and spinal cord injury.

Press exercises

Overdoing the desire to get the cubes on the stomach more, many shake the press without interruptions and do the same twisting over many approaches.

But do not forget that the “pumped” abdominal muscles put pressure on the intestines, which leads to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Therefore, in order not to risk their health, the swing of the press must be combined with exercises for stretching and relaxing muscles, such as running or swimming.

That is why it is worth thinking about the services of a coach, because his task is to preserve your health and help to come or keep fit without harming your body.

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