What Is Laughter Yoga And How Does It Help With Stress?

What Is Laughter Yoga And How Does It Help With Stress?Laughter yoga is a combination of classic relaxation gymnastics with laughter – one of the best ways to reduce stress and great health.

Improvement of immunity, strengthening the functionality of blood vessels, oxygenation of the whole organism, improvement of circulation, digestion and well-being – these are all positive effects of practicing yoga with elements of laughter.

Our adult life is usually quite gloomy. When we compare the average 15-20 times a day, when we laugh, with 300-400 times the child can be seen that the potential for increasing joy is enormous. This is what the precursors of this yoga are based on. How does it look in practice?

The session starts with a warm-up, which consists of clapping, chanting and breathing exercises. Next comes a series of traditional stretching exercises, and then fun-loving games. At first this laugh seems a bit forced, but in a short time people get rid of typical inhibitions and cheerfulness becomes contagious. Trained, they talk about amazing experiences from the combination of meditation with a carefree, liberating emotion with laughter. In fact, even when we artificially stimulate chuckle, the body can not recognize it and behaves in the same way as in the case of spontaneous outbursts of joy – endorphins are released that stimulate the entire hormonal system and stimulate neuronal connections in the brain.

Laughter Yoga developed wonderful techniques to combine the natural tension of abdominal muscles caused by laughter with stretching and strengthening exercises. Thanks to this, metabolism and our silhouette are improved.

Other, confirmed by observations, the benefits of laughing yoga include relieving chronic pain, relieving stress, stimulating creativity, lowering blood pressure and risk of heart attack, overcoming social isolation, strengthening self-confidence, improving general well-being, and above all … cultivating the child within – probably much more effective in backing the clock than anti-wrinkle creams!

Picture Credit: Els Fattah

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