Useful Tips During the Summer Heat

Useful Tips During the Summer Heat

The intense summer heat brings many inconveniences. To minimize them, follow some simple tips.

Clothes and shoes

Choose open and light clothes. Prefer natural fabrics of light colors. It is highly desirable to wear a hat. Shoes should be as comfortable as possible.


Drink about 2.5 liters of fluid a day. It is important that a single portion does not exceed 100-150 ml. In the heat, it is best to drink mineral water, juices without sugar, green or herbal teas. Drinks should be cool or room temperature. Never drink too cold a liquid. In the heat, forget about sweet soda drinks, milk, coffee, alcohol.


Eliminate fatty, fried, smoked, sweet, too salty foods from your diet. Prefer fruits and vegetables.

Daily regime

Take a cool or contrast shower as often as possible. Try to avoid physical activity. In the afternoon it is desirable to be in the shade or indoors. Time in the sun should be kept to a minimum. It is important to always carry a bottle of water with you.


In summer, the sebaceous glands work several times harder, so cosmetics stick to the face and contaminate the pores. Therefore, the skin and hair need more thorough cleaning in the summer. Another danger to the skin is excessive drying and dehydration by sunlight, so try to moisturize the skin as thoroughly as possible. Try not to use cosmetics and creams in the heat. Shampoos with extracts of mint, grapefruit, eucalyptus will give a pleasant feeling of coolness. You will also feel better if you lubricate the temples with menthol oil.


Ventilate the room more often, but avoid drafts. In the heat should pay more attention to humidification. Wash the floor as often as possible. You can hang a damp sheet in the room or place containers with water. It is desirable to close the windows tightly.

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