Everyday Habits Damaging Your Skin

Everyday Habits Damaging Your SkinSkin is our external reflection of health, lifestyle, work and other factors. To make her look well-groomed, beautifully young and fresh, it’s important not only to nourish, cleanse and moisturize, but also to review her some bad habits.

Take a hot bath or shower. The optimum water temperature for showering is 100 degrees. Regularly taking a hot bath or shower can cause dehydration of the skin (impaired lipid water balance), and over time, blood vessels can expand and redness and a capillary network appear.

Stress. Have you noticed that when you are nervous, embarrassed, worried, rejoice, your skin reacts with you – it turns red, gets goosebumps, turns pale, etc. So, the skin directly depends on your nervous system, so try to protect it, especially in winter and summer.

In such periods, cosmetics with calcium, vitamins C, A, E and magnesium are useful. A group of vitamins B will help get rid of peeling, and for prevention, try to use rye bread, herbs and liver daily.

Phone. Scientists have proven that the bacteria that live on our cell phone, when in contact with the skin, quite quickly “move” to our skin during conversations. Try to carry your phone in a case and do not forget to wipe it with special wipes.

Soap. Antibacterial soap is really a good way to get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is simply not replaceable when you are or visiting a summer house, clinic, garage and other places where there are pollution and viruses.

Clothing. Clothing made of synthetic materials is attractive for its variegated colors and inexpensive price, however, it creates a greenhouse effect for our skin – it absorbs moisture and prevents air from drying it. Try to choose clothes made from natural fabrics for everyday wear to ensure normal skin breathing.

Applicators. Most ladies, after applying makeup, removes their brushes, sponges and brushes in a drawer. But they remain skin particles, provoking the multiplication of microbes, which cause redness and rashes.

Therefore, after applying makeup, wash your tools in soapy water or apply a special disinfectant to them, it can be a degreasing spray or wipes.

Cosmetics. There is nothing more harmful than improperly selected cosmetics. Your initial basic set for the care of your beauty should consist of: “wash” and nourishing and moisturizing cream, selected according to your skin type.

Do not get carried away by over-cleansing and nourishing your skin, as you can disrupt its structure, and it will cease to carry out its initial functions on its own.

In addition to the above bad habits for the skin, do not forget about a good sleep, a balanced diet, moderate consumption of alcohol-containing drinks and smoking cessation.

Picture Credit: Andrew_Poynton

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