Stay Healthy This Summer

Stay Healthy This SummerExperts have shown that on hot summer days, the behavior of both adults and children changes to a large extent.

A number of studies have shown that the higher the temperature rises, the hotter and hotter the character of people becomes. Kids in the summer in a greater degree demonstrate capriciousness, tearfulness and irritability. The behavior of adults is not much different – they become more aggressive, and “explode” literally for every reason. For example, it is in the summer that drivers on the roads, more often than at other times of the year, are beeping, calling for their way to be cleared.

In the sultry period, we become more suspicious, take everything to heart, get upset over trifles.

One of the reasons for this behavior is dehydration. Lack of water – and in the summer it is 1.5% of the total volume of fluid in the body, provokes nervous tension, fatigue and anxiety. In addition, dehydration often provokes headaches.

Also, scientists have recorded an increased level of crime in the summer, most likely provoked by the bitterness and irritability of people. This fact confirms the statistics of crimes committed during the summer months. The heat also sets people on rest, and the necessary caution goes into the background.
This behavior is easily explained in terms of human physiology.

An increase in body temperature necessarily leads to an increase in physical arousal – the pulse increases, blood pressure rises, the body looks for cooling methods, and, on the one hand, it is exhausted, it is lethargic and weak, and on the other, aggression and agitation.

At the time of heat residents are advised to abandon heels, cosmetics and synthetics. When the air temperature rises, preventive measures must be observed.

Every year in the summer comes the heat. However, many of us forget about the elementary rules of how to behave when there is more than 86 ° F on a thermometer.

Most people escape the heat with ice cream. However, the benefits and harms of such a recipe are 50 to 50. Ice cream contains sugar, and sugar in the heat is a mockery of the body. Water is the best option in hot weather. And the more you drink it, the better. From carbonated and sugary drinks should be abandoned.

What you can and can not do in the summer:

From clothes it is better to choose things from natural fabrics and light colors.
For delicacies – to please yourself with fruits and berries that are necessarily washed.

Vegetables and meat is better to cook, bake, cook in the oven or on the grill. And from smoked products, marinades and conservation should be abandoned. Each meal can ease or complicate your health during a heat wave. Therefore, before complaining about the weather, remember what you dined today.

If you feel bad in the heat, you should stay in cool rooms. Sunbathe in the morning or in the afternoon. Use a minimum of cosmetics, so as not to worsen the skin condition.

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