How Music Helps Us Be More Creative

How Music Helps Us Be More CreativeLearning to play a musical instrument is not easy at all. Like every lesson, music takes time and effort, even with innate talent. However, few people know how much health benefits these exercises can bring.

If you know how to play the piano, guitar or any other instrument, but have not practiced your skills for a long time, or if you are thinking of sending a child to a music school, this is a good time to figure out what a great hobby can bring to our body.

Ensures intellectual development
Playing an instrument requires crazy fine motor skills that activate several brain lobes simultaneously. Thanks to these exercises, the brain will always remain in good shape.

Improves coordination
Due to the precise synchronization in the fingers, necessary for playing a musical instrument, coordination in general develops, which is especially important at a young age. After all, good coordination helps to achieve success in sports and feel more confident.

Helps to achieve emotional stability
Numerous studies have shown that practicing music helps to reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone that provokes stress. In addition, playing an instrument can serve as a kind of sublimation – the output of emotions in the right direction, which is only for the benefit of creative people.

Develops the respiratory system
Proper breathing is very important for the fight against infectious diseases and the work of the organs, which is why athletes pay so much attention to it. They begin to work on proper breathing at the very first lessons in a music school, thanks to which it develops no worse than during running.

Increases focus and concentration
In the world of technology and the continuous flow of information, the ability to concentrate the attention of the younger generation is drastically reduced. But gymnastics of the brain in the form of playing a musical instrument helps not only not to lose these important mental properties, but also to strengthen them.

Prevents memory problems
In continuation of the preceding paragraph, playing a musical instrument also contributes to the development of memory, which helps to maintain clarity of mind, even in old age. By the way, studies have shown that musicians are much less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than those who have never done music.

Improves the sense of time
Because of their bindings to rhythm and tones, musicians have an amazing sense of time – another intellectual property that testifies to the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system in general.

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