Keeping Your Life in Balance

Keeping Your Life in BalanceAfter 40 years, every man begins to think about his health and youth. Strength and energy are not enough to maintain the former way of life, habits and heavy loads have to be abandoned, the body begins to age.

As with women, male aging is predetermined in advance and spelled out in the human genetic code. To this we still can not influence. But what we can definitely do is slow the aging process or delay its onset as long as possible. These things we do.

Practically in all countries of the world there is a tendency of a longer life for women as compared with their men. The difference comes to 10-15 years, which makes ask the question “Why?”. Scientists tried to solve this riddle and came to two theories – genetic and hormonal.

Gerontologist Tom Kirkwood of the University of Newcastle offered humanity the genetic reason for this difference in longevity. Tom suggests that nature did not provide for a man for many years of life. He must do his job of fertilization and protection, and then pass the baton to the next generation.

A woman is endowed with greater resistance to aging, which helps her to raise and mentor not only her children, but also her grandchildren. But do not worry, genetic theory is not so popular in the scientific world, because it does not have enough grounds and evidence.

Strength in hormones
Quite differently, things are in hormone theory, to which most researchers are inclined. The effect of hormones on life expectancy has already been proven.

For example, under 55, women are much less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes than men. All thanks to the female hormone estrogen, which protects the fair sex.

The male hormone testosterone is directed to physical strength, muscle mass, therefore it does not protect health so well. And if we consider that after 40-45 years, its production decreases by 2% per year, then it becomes altogether alarming.

It is alarming because the lack of testosterone not only weakens the muscles, but also leads to chaos the other functions of the body. Decreased cognitive abilities, irritability, depression, decreased libido.

Violation of ejaculation, impaired urination, pain in the back and joints, increased blood pressure, weight gain, decreased stamina, the development of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome …

As you can see, the decline in testosterone production is too strong for men’s health, which is what scientists see as the reason for the shorter life of men compared to women.

Three steps to salvation

Most likely, the knowledge gained alerted you and made you worry about the bleak future. But early to despair, modern knowledge of endocrinology provides three basic ways to delay aging and keep your hormones in good shape.

1. Less stress
Short-term and low stress is good for a person. It awakens and makes you move, think, act faster and more efficiently. But if the stress becomes long-term or systematic, then the body begins to weaken and worse endure each subsequent shake.

The body has two main mechanisms for removing the stress hormone – tears and muscle tension. Hormones are washed out during crying and burn during physical training. If you often experience and are in a tense state – sign up for the gym, start running and feel free to cry.

2. Less fat
A man is simply obliged to monitor his weight, because it is in the fat layer that testosterone is transformed into female estrogen. This is quite normal, because both men and women need both testosterone and estrogen, but the question is in their ratio.

The more fat in the body of a man, the more disturbed the balance of the two hormones. Maintain your weight and muscle / fat ratios are normal, because it affects not only external aesthetics, but also health.

3. More physical activity
Physical activity is not only a pleasant, but also a useful process. Regular sex life prevents many hormonal disorders and diseases of the reproductive system. Abstaining from sex can lead to dilation of the vas deferens, changes in prostate tissue, etc.

Useful tips

  • In addition to hormones, other less significant factors also influence men’s youth. The following tips will help you get rid of various unpleasant signs of aging.
  • Give up smoking. Tobacco smoke entering the lungs contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.
  • In addition to muscle mass, work on endurance. Cardio exercises are important for the heart and respiratory system.
  • Do not get involved in hot showers. Room temperature water and a hard towel have a beneficial effect on blood circulation.
  • To stabilize blood pressure, one should eat wholegrain products – oatmeal, wholegrain baked goods.
  • Sunbathe under the sun in moderation. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet spectrum overdries the skin and causes it to age faster.
  • Follow the daily regimen and sleep at least six hours a day. This will save from disruption in the body and will have a beneficial effect on cognitive function.
  • Drugs and alcohol accelerate visual aging, discard them.
  • Do not use hormones for muscle growth. Instead, start eating right.
  • From youth do stretching muscles. It will save your joints from diseases in old age.
  • Drink plenty of water and watch your vitamin levels. This is a guarantee of healthy nutrition and cleansing of the body about toxins and slags.

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