BMW Makes a Grand Entry Into Limo Scene

After a long wait, BMW has finally decided to enter the Limo service market. BMW is marketing two brands exclusively for the Limo service market. These include the 550i Gran Turismotoo and the larger 740Li normal and the 4 wheel drive versions. While the latter comes with a $10,000 rebate the former is been offered a $6000 rebate.

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The 550i fits snugly midway between a Sedan and a SUV. It gives ample leg space and is quite spacious with luxuries that are incomparable. No doubt the BMW limo is being bracketed in the Premium luxury limo service segment. With the North American cold getting more and more severe, the BMW is well equipped to tide over the discomfort. It has heated steering wheels, heated front and rear seats, and there is also a luxury rear seat arrangement, if the client feels the need.

The BMW 5 series is a bit longer than the standard version and makes the Limo that much spacious and comfortable, especially for long journeys. Other models of BMW are also getting noticed by the Limo service operators. However BMW is actively promoting the two brands mentioned above. The BMW is equipped with all the features of safety and also has 10 air backs to keep the passengers cocooned and safe in the unfortunate incident of an accident. Extra luxuries like a fridge in the rear, varied color lightings, and even night vision can also be added. It all depends upon which level of luxury the limo services operators want to give to its client.

The BMW is all poised to become the favored entity of any limo services provider. The two brands which are being promoted by BMW suits different occasions. While BMW 5 series is suited for the more serious and official occasions, the BMW 7 series is more suited for fun like prom parties, picnics and outings. The BMW 7 series is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. On a whole the BMW limo range fulfils every requirement of its clients. It is a perfect vehicle for the businessman who would like to spend his journey in comfort so that he is able to handle the hectic session of meetings and negotiations at his work place. All these are backed up by the BMW reputation of unflinching quality of its products. So why travel in mediocrity and down the beaten track, when you can travel in royalty and become the connoisseur of every one’s eyes by hiring a BMW limo.

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