The Main Keys To A Happy Relationship

What is the key to a healthy relationship

To achieve happiness in a relationship there is a certain scheme of key elements. The psychology of relationships offers a technique for this: to do pleasant things together.

Many people wonder: what are the ingredients of a real and long-lasting love potion? What is the key to a healthy relationship? How can you keep a relationship for a long time?

The fact is that there are no magical ingredients that always contribute to a satisfying relationship, but pleasant things together are an important part of it.

However, although all people are different, sexual psychology and relationship psychology establish certain measures that you can take to heal your relationship. It’s about good deeds and their impact on partners. We will explain in detail below.

Couples issues

Sexual problems, stress, children, reconciliation with relatives, work, money, and other conflicts can affect relationships. Their combinations can affect the interaction of partners in different ways.

For example, partners may be angry, emotionally estranged, reject each other, or restrict communication. However, it always happens that partners stop doing something together.

Reinforcers of relationships and kinship

Reinforcers are incentives that make certain patterns of behavior more likely. For example, if one of the partners gets a kiss every time he cooks something delicious, the next time he likely wants to cook something even tastier.

In this case, the reinforcement will be a kiss, as it leads to more frequent cooking of delicious meals. When you stop doing something together, both partners have fewer opportunities to use reinforcement.

If you do not do pleasant things together, it is not possible to use reinforcements, and therefore, such actions are much less common. So, from the point of view of relationship psychology, pleasant things together are an effective solution that usually gives good results.

How to amplify amplifiers

In addition to enjoyable things, you can use other behavioral strategies that can allow you to achieve effective and lasting change in relationships.

Small things together

When a relationship breaks down, likely, both partners will not want to do something together.

However, small things that are enjoyable for one or both partners can be a good idea. For example, walking the dogs, cooking lunch, or buying bread together are simple things that can be a boost.

As you progress, one or both partners may offer to dine together at your favorite restaurant, go to the movies, or go to a party.

Of course, they will likely do so again. Many couples who go to therapy because of a deteriorating relationship start doing nice things together automatically after they first take simple steps.

The latter is just one example of how behavioral techniques are useful for couples at the beginning of therapy: The first thing you need to do is look for reinforcements.

Something as simple as cooking together or shopping together can help improve a relationship.

The technique of special days

Another way to install amplifiers without certain cases – the use of special days. This is useful if the couple does not want to do anything together or does not have enough time.

On special days, both partners are asked to dedicate one day to support their partner. They can’t choose the same days, and both partners need to know which days are special.

While there may be hesitant at first, as partners may find it unnatural or forced, the truth is that it tends to improve the relationship. Receiving reinforcements through comments, conversations or actions often brings people a sense of satisfaction.

When you give reinforcements, you usually get reinforcements in return, and both partners must take this into account. Usually, both partners decide to give reinforcements, because it’s nice to receive them.

Although this technique does not resolve conflicts, it does increase satisfaction.

Notice the positive health of the relationship

Another behavioral technique that you can use in addition to pleasant things is to pay attention to the positive. When relationships break down, partners tend to forget about all the positive aspects.

As you can see, there is no specific key to happiness in a relationship. However, all relationships can be recovered if both partners decide to make some behavioral and cognitive changes. These changes are taking place in parallel. In other words, behavioral techniques can cause cognitive changes and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to know how to use them to achieve a harmonious relationship.

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