7 Tips How to Maintain Relationships during Lockdown

7 Tips How to Maintain Relationships during Lockdown

Long-term self-isolation raises problems that have not been noticed before. In this article, we will give you some recommendations on how to maintain relations and psychological well-being in quarantine.

1. Learn to accept each other

During family life, we managed to get acquainted with all the “hang-ups” of the second half. But usually, there was an opportunity not to arrange the fights. Now everything is perceived very sharply. However, you can live in harmony with each other only when you know all the tricks of your beloved, and give them the right to exist. Just as he accepts your weaknesses.

2. Communicate

At the same time, what and how you say is important. Pay attention to how you call loved ones, with what intonation, what words you use. Now everyone requires warmth, so we can become its source in the family.

3. Hug more often

Children now especially need tactile contact. It should be a lot. When you pass by the child – hug him, smack on the cheek. This is an expression of love and well-being. Do the same with a husband or wife. After all, love does not happen much.

4. Give the body a load

Sports, cleaning, small household chores, etc. Sports will help you feel better, and as a result, avoid quarrels without being nervous. An hour of sports per day reduces stress levels at times, psychologists say.

5. Get to know yourself

It is unbearable to be near others when it is unbearable to be alone with yourself. Often we fled to work, just not to be left alone with us. In quarantine, start exploring your own internal space.

6. Plan your day

When we are focused on some actions and are in a rational state, it is more difficult for us to succumb to emotions. Therefore, when you wake up with the knowledge that you have a plan for the day, there is much less room for chaos and negativity. Try to make a to-do list for the coming day. Just do not start planning your life from Monday, otherwise, on Tuesday, you will return to the past. Everything should be without fanaticism.

7. Respect the personal space of another

Even if the apartment is small, you can always find a corner to do what you love. It is important that you do not pull your loved ones when they want to be alone with themselves.

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