Carl Zeiss Slit Lamp 115 and Its Features

Slit-lamp-ZeissThe slit lamp can be considered as a universally applicable instrument for eye examination which is preferred by ophthalmologists all over the world. The advancement of technology has led to the development of various types of accessories for these lamps which have helped in extending the application range from measurement to observation. Even though, there are numerous choices available for the ophthalmologists but Zeiss definitely stands out amongst the rest with its wide range of equipments setting new standards in optometry/ophthalmology. One such instrument from the company is the SL 115 slit lamp. The equipment combines outstanding optical performance along with operating comfort that too at an affordable price.

The instrument is ideal for all types of routine exams and perfect for the purpose of contact lens fittings mainly because of its swivel-type filter. The best part about this instrument is the fact that, it is convenient to use single-handedly and its operation can be enhanced with the integration of imaging solution and optional accessories. The various types of adjustment possibilities offered by this ophthalmic equipment ensure the use of various lighting techniques. Optical transmission of observation system for this instrument from Zeiss is extremely high resulting in minimal light loss when it comes to documentation and observation. The high resolution of the instrument helps to view the finest of structures that too with high contrast.

Every control of the slit lamp is optimally located making it easier to work with. The operator of the instrument can adjust the operating and slit functions easily with one hand. Outstanding optical performance is guaranteed by this truly remarkable instrument. The large illuminated field of the instrument offers superb view of entire anterior segment. The light source that is basically used on the instrument is a halogen lamp or low-voltage incandescent lamp. But, in most cases the halogen lamp is chosen because of its colour temperature and high luminance. This robust and highly durable piece of instrument not only makes it easy to use but allows using it whenever required without requiring much of a setup. The unhindered access and short working distance to patient’s eye makes it extremely convenient and easy to use.

The SL 115 ophthalmic equipment comes completely assembled which is the reason why it is preferred by most ophthalmologists all over the world. After removing the instrument from the package, one can place it directly on the examination unit or instrument table and secure it with adhesive pads or two screws. Another good thing about this instrument is that it can be configured with compact video adapter helping with the documentation purpose by using a miniature camera or video recorder. From documentation and measurement to therapy, various types of optional accessories are available to be used with the instrument helping with patient comfort, improved imaging solutions or ergonomics. The camera settings of the instrument can be adjusted by the user depending on exam room conditions and personal preferences. All these features along with ease and comfort of use make SL 115 a desired choice for ophthalmologists when it comes to examining various eye conditions

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Picture credit: Zeiss

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