A Few Words About Steinway & Sons Pianos

Steinway-grand-pianoIf there’s one name that’s synonymous with high-quality when it comes to pianos, it’s Steinway. With that in mind, let’s spend some time today talking a little bit about the history of the Steinway & Sons company and how they became such a well-regarded brand in the creation and manufacture of some of the best pianos on the market.

Steinway & Sons first got its start in 1853. Original founder, Henry Engelhard Steinway, was an immigrant from Germany and built his business from the ground up in the heart of Manhattan. The utmost care was used when creating each of the Steinway pianos, right from the very beginning. In fact, it took over a year to create each individual piano. Over the course of thirty years, Henry brought on each of his sons: C.F. Theodore, Charles, William, Henry Jr., and Albert, teaching them all he knew about the craft.

While it might sound somewhat ridiculous now to spend a year making a single piano, the company has seen much success by taking the slow and steady approach. In fact, Steinway pianos are still made this way and they still take nearly a year to make. The company doesn’t rush anything at all. This includes the process of finding the appropriate wood to use for different parts of the piano like the top, rim, or soundboard. It also includes the process of curing the wood in kilns and conditioning rooms until each piece is stabilized against moisture. The company is very strict about this process as too much moisture can cause the wood to warp, which would directly affect the quality of sound produced.

All of the time and effort put into creating each individual product, shows in the end result and further establishes Steinway pianos as a premier choice. They have been in the business of making musical instruments for some of the most gifted and skilled musicians in history. This can be attested to time and time again. From the quality of sound produced to how responsive the keys are to their overall polished look, everyone who buys a Steinway knows they are getting the very best.

Anyone who wishes to have one of the highest quality pianos in their possession, or any musician who requires it, will be satisfied with Steinway pianos. Ever since Steinway & Sons first began creating their very first piano in 1853, quality has been at the forefront. That is a legacy that is celebrated with each keystroke all the way up to present.

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Picture credit: Steinway & Sons Pianos

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