Home Insurance: Safety of Your Homes Come First

Buying a home has been an eternal dream which every Indian middle class person carries. People work hard their entire lives to own a house of their own. With the economics changing rapidly over a period of time, it has become a bit easier to own a house. With the liberalization, there has been an improvement in the Indian economy. The advent of foreign companies has led to more jobs in the market. Besides the increased job opportunities, the pay structures have also improved. This has led to an increase in the buying capacity of the individuals. With the provision of home loans, and increased salaries, more and more people are buying homes to live in.

The government has also launched pro active policies which have encouraged young entrepreneurs to open their own businesses. This has also contributed in making the present day youth far more independent. Along with the independence has come the desire to own a house. This has resulted in further boosting the real estate sector here in our country.

Spending entire life savings on buying a house shows the passion towards an own house. Those who take loans keep paying off these loans by working hard, throughout their lives. When one has spent his hard earned money on something, there is a passion to take care of this thing too.  With so much money spent on the house, it becomes all the more necessary to safe guard the house. Various measures can be ensured for the safety of the house.

The two basic factors which might endanger a house are fire and theft. One can either prevent them from happening by taking some security measures or arrange for take some rear guard action and opt for a Home insurance. These days, with heightened technological advancement, there are number of gadgets which help us in preventing theft and fire. One can opt from high security equipments like

  • Close Circuit Television cameras which can be fitted on the boundary walls and they record all the activity happening outside and remit inside. This helps in keeping track of people trespassing or otherwise.
  • Burglar Alarms can be installed all over the house. When switched on, they can detect any movement inside the house, on locks, boundary walls, safes etc and ring an alarm when an intruder touches them.
  • Automatic lights are another way to distract anti social persons. These lights are installed outside the house and are kept on. Whenever somebody (thief) comes near the sensors of the light, they turn on automatically, flooding the area with bright light. This distracts the thieves from coming in and committing the crime.
  • Security guards can be placed at the house. There are many agencies providing security guards who are well equipped and some even carry arms and ammunition. They keep a round the clock vigil and ensure safety of the house and its residents.
  • Keeping dogs as a security guard is also highly recommended. Some ferocious breeds of dogs don’t let anyone enter the house and bark loudly to wake up the residents as well as the neighbors. This dissuades the thieves from committing the crime.
  • For safety from fire, sprinklers are installed in the roof of the house. These work automatically after detecting smoke. As soon as there is tanner prescribed amount of smoke, the sensors go on and the sprinklers disperse water, which quenches the fire.
  • Applying all these gadgets and methods might be able to prevent any theft or fire. But still there are instances where the thieves get successful or inspite of our best efforts there is a fire in the house. This might lead to a lot of destruction and loss. To cover this loss, the best way is Home Insurance. These days many general insurance companies are providing Home insurance. In return of a small premium, which depends on the size of the house and valuables present, the insurance company reimburses any untoward loss which happens to the house. Home insurance has become a necessity as no one wants to take a risk with a lifetime of investment.

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