Vision Systems Inc launch new website showing off their sheer choice and expertise


About Vision Systems

You don’t stay in business for long through sitting on your laurels or without innovating and evolving to serve your customers in an ever changing market and Vision Systems Inc (VSI) certainly haven’t: in their 11th year they are making their services even more accessible to clients with a new website.

The company set up in 2001 selling second hand ophthalmic equipment initially specialized in patternless edgers but since then have expanded into every area of ophthalmic equipment for use by optical professionals and are the industries largest and most trusted seller of such second hand equipment.

To say they simply sell on second hand equipment though would be an understatement, they provide everything from installation and servicing to full training and ongoing support.

Vision System’s new website

The new website has been setup as the company looks to serve more companies across a wider area with as good a service as they would get if located alongside Vision Systems in Tarpon Springs in West Central Florida.

The first place for research

For those looking to invest in ophthalmic equipment for their practices the VSI website it’s the best place to start research wherever they eventually buy from with comprehensive information on every major and most minor manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment and of specific models that Vision Systems offer.

Great value packages

Vision Systems Inc offer great value packages of ophthalmic equipment as well with installation and training included as well as finance options available. The packages include pre-test packages including autorefractors and kerotometers which are ideal for new ophthalmic practices. Packages also include everything needed for creating prescription glasses, including patternless edgers of course but everything needed allowing ophthalmologists to diversify into running their own lab to offer a better and quicker service to customers and increase profits.


With professional shipping services and a massive stock you can get your equipment fast as well and if you ever need any supplies Visions Systems are the place to go to.

Ordering with Vision systems

Being a hands-on company Vision Systems are awaiting your call to take your order and give you the best advice but with every product online you can choose your order in advance. With all the information you will need including a media section with videos showing off the features of some of the most popular pieces of equipment as well as manufacturer’s brochures.

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