Google Set to Penalize Pirated Contents

So finally Google has woken up to the menace of content piracy and decided to come down heavily on the pirates. In its latest and perhaps the most important SEO algorithm changes it has decided to punish contents which contravene the copyright provisions. With Google accounting for a major portion of the web traffic, it is important for website owners to keep an eye on the rankings since a slew of changes has been made in SEO algorithm and it will have a serious and far reaching consequences for search results. If the updates by Google are to be taken seriously, Google is going to take into account the number of copyright removal notices it receives for a particular website. Sites which have a large number of Copyright infringement notices pending against their site will now feature lower in the search ranking. The site can also be removed from the Google index if the complaints are numerous and found correct.

Anyone can file a content removal notice if it believes that contents like photos, videos, articles, illustrated diagrams, and audio materials has been used without its permission. So now you cannot use a photo from the Google images and use it in your website without the express permission from the original content holder. If someone slaps a notice on your site, your site will appear lower in Google’s rankings. This will severely damage your company’s standings.

As people are being aware to the recent changes in the SEO Algorithm changes more and more request are being requested against websites for copyright infringement. According to the Transparency report from Google, the total number of such complaints which has been received in the last 30 days since the changes has been effected in the SEO algorithms has been 4.6 million. This has been more than the total requests it has received in the last one year. A majority of such complaints pertain to the entertainment industry; it can be filed by anyone. Therefore it is important that the management team of any website must be very vigilant about which content it features on its website. If your site features any pirated contents, remove it immediately to escape from the penalties of Google SEO algorithm.  This is particularly important for sites which feature user generated contents. It is very important that you mention clearly that no copywriter material should be uploaded and copywrited content if any must be immediately removed.

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