3d Scanning Service- Giving the Winning Edge

One of the most intensive sports in the Olympics is kayaking. Technology plays a very important part in perfecting the art of kayaking. Numerous technological advances are incorporated to design the best canoes and one such technology which has revolutionized the way canoes are designed is 3D scanning technology. In the past, canoe designing was a labor intensive task with luck playing a very important part and often a great and streamlined design was more of a fluke than a systematic process which was very difficult to be duplicated. A need was therefore felt for a process which is reliable and could be duplicated with ease. One factor which plays a very important part in the overall process of kayaking and canoeing is the fit outs of the rower. Fit out is basically the seat on which the rower positions himself and rows the canoe. It is important to have a perfect fit out which snugly fits the lower torso of the rower. This will ensure that the power of the rower’s arms is fully transferred to the paddles. 3D scanning service plays a very important role in designing the perfect fit outs.

3D scanning service envisages scanning the lower part of the rower using a 3D laser scanner. Since the contours of the human body are very complicated, the best option is to use a hand held laser scanner. Using a hand held scanner ensures that scans of very high accuracy is obtained. The rower is scanned in a sitting position wearing webbing with point markers. The 3D scans were then fed into a CAD system to create a 3D digital image. Once the digital image is obtained, it is used to create the perfect fit outs for the canoes. Thus a perfectly customized kayaks with fit outs for a particular rower was created. The biggest advantage of the 3D scanning service is that an infinite number of fit outs can be created for any number of rowers.

The Olympics is the Mecca of all sporting events. Once every five years, the best athletes all over the world compete to bring glory to the sport and their country. Often athletes and sportsperson win and lose by the millionth of a second. When the competition is so keen, every measure which can increase the efficiency of the sportsperson counts. It is here that technology like the 3D scanning service plays a very important role in final results.

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